Stop Thinking About Your Ex and Move On

by Vishnu on November 14, 2015

Has your relationship ended and it’s been years but you’re still not over this past? This post gives you some insight and steps to complete the process of grief. If you’re ready to live again, read this post on how to move on from your past relationship, forgive, and let go once and for all. You can heal. You can move on. You can love again.

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Healing the Heart Chakra

by Vishnu on November 7, 2015

Are you ready to heal your heart? Is it time to open and cleanse your heart chakra? Wendy Irene is an intuitive spiritual mentor, teacher and student. This week, she guides you through a visualization to open and cleanse your heart chakra. If you’re feeling heartbreak or heartarche, close your eyes and follow Wendy Irene through this heart-opening visualization.

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What If I Don’t Want a Divorce?

by Vishnu on October 30, 2015

What if you don’t want a divorce? Some spouses pull the plug first and ask for a divorce. The other half of us are left alone and confused. What if you don’t want a divorce and want to save your marriage instead? This post offers some tips on how to save your sanity, find peace in your life and possibly save your marriage. Advice to survive your divorce and save your marriage.

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Do you struggle to put your needs first and speak up for yourself? Theresa Ho shares with us why it’s essential for you to need to take care of your needs in this week’s post. No, not everyone will be happy and you can’t please everyone but putting yourself first will lead to your personal success, better relationships, and more productivity. Click on this post to read more.

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This is a review of the new Tiny Buddha book – 365 Tiny Love Challenges. The author and founder of the popular Tiny Buddha blog has written a new book with 365 practical, daily love challenges you can use every day to love more, build stronger relationships and improve your connections with others. Check out the book review here and find out how to win a free copy of the book, Tiny Buddha, 365 Tiny Love Challenges.

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You Will Survive: Start Over After Divorce

by Vishnu on October 5, 2015

Does your life feel like it’s over and there is no point in living? How do you even go one more day after heartbreak? This post will talk about how to start over in your life after a breakup, divorce or separation. There is life after heartbreak. Take these 8 steps to heal, recover and move on from your life’s heartbreak. When you come out of pain and heartbreak, you’ll find love, happiness and peace.

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A New Direction for Vishnu’s Virtues

by Vishnu on September 25, 2015

Guess what? There are some subtle changes going on at Vishnu’s Virtues! If you’ve been reading for some time, you know that I’ve been writing about a variety of topics. But all of that is going to change. I’m going to be getting more specific about one topic and in this video, I talk a little bit about what has prompted the change. Click on the video to hear more. Thank you for your support.

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21 Powerful Reminders to Survive Divorce

by Vishnu on September 19, 2015

How do you survive divorce and come through your most difficult hour? Here are 21 powerful reminders for anyone experiencing divorce or trying to piece their life back together after suffering from the pain of divorce. You can do this. You can rewrite the story of your life and you can come out stronger than before. Allow your heartbreak to strengthen you, improve you and help you come out of it to live your best life.

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How to Move On When Your Spouse Has Had an Affair

by Vishnu on September 5, 2015

What do you do when your spouse has had an affair? What do you do when your spouse has cheated on you? How do you find a way to move on, go on and live your life? This post examines what happens when your spouse has had an affair – tips on how to re-evaluate your life and will help you decide on what to do next. There is life after and yes, there’s even life after an affair. Click here to read this post.

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Why Is This Happening To Me?

by Vishnu on August 22, 2015

There’s never a good answer to the question “Why is this happening to me?” Read this post to find out what better questions you can ask yourself when going through divorce, separation, or breakup. If you ask yourself more powerful questions, you will find more powerful answers that will help you find direction, meaning and guidance.

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Where in the Universe am I ?

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  3. The keys to a new life and new perspective start with letting go, forgiving, and changing the way you view your life's darkest hour. Being at rock bottom is the catalyst to rebuild a life filled with happiness, peace and clarity. You don’t have to trek to Tibet or the Himalayas for spiritual enlightenment or growth (but if you do, send me a postcard!)

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