The Surefire Way of Finding the Love of Your Life

by Nina Obran on April 13, 2016

Are you tired of being single? Author Nina Obran shares her tips and strategies for losing singlehood and finding love in your life. She offers three unique ways of finding love in this post and also discusses her new book, 7 Daily Habits for Singles Not to Be Single Anymore. If you’re looking for love and a new relationship, pick up this book today.

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There is one word you must never say in your marriage. If you say this word, then more than likely, you’ll get what you asked for. I didn’t learn this lesson until it was too late. No matter how much you quarrel or fight, stay away from this destructive word. Don’t play with fire and don’t say this word if you plan to stay married. Check out this week’s post on this one dangerous word.

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7 Simple Financial Tips When Starting Over

by Vishnu on April 3, 2016

Are you starting over in life? If you’re starting over, you might as well start over with your finances too. Clean up your finances by taking these 7 simple steps. Anyone can improve their financial standing in life and you don’t need a financial planner or Warren Buffett on your side to get your finances back on solid footing. Here are 7 simple financial tips anyone can use to start over.

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5 Questions to Simplify Your Life

by Vishnu on March 27, 2016

Simple living for anyone. You can simplify your life and adopt minimalism. Here are 5 questions to help you live a simpler life. Simple living strategies for anyone who is interested in reducing, minimizing, organizing and living a simpler life. You don’t need all that stuff you think you need. Here are 5 questions you can start asking yourself to start on your journey to simple living.

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Divorce is the best time to simplify your life. When you’re going through your most difficult hour, take stock of your life and determine what to minimize. You don’t have to live like a hermit or a nun but you can simplify, organize and minimize your life. You can think about what you value and what brings you joy. I’ve included 21 ways that I minimized my life and how you can bring out the minimalist in you. Click to read more about minimalism after divorce and simple living.

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Stop Being a Doormat

by Vishnu on March 13, 2016

You don’t have to be a doormat in your relationships. Rupali Grover, a professional counselor, shares tips on how to stop being a doormat in your relationships and to stand up for yourself. When you stand up for yourself and take care of yourself, it’s a lot easier to take care of others. When you start valuing yourself, you will attract others in your life that will value you.

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How to Love a Woman

by Vishnu on March 5, 2016

This is a post from the Good Men Project on how to love a woman. The post shares some lessons learned from my own experience with love and relationships. Click on the post to go to the Good Men Project to read more about how to love a woman. For weekly posts from my blog and posts I write for other blogs, sign up to receive weekly email messages.

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Self Love Journey: Healing from Abandonment

by Vishnu on February 21, 2016

You’re not a victim is the powerful message, contributor and coach, Kimesha Coleman, shares with us. No matter how much pain you’ve suffered, how you were abandoned when you were younger and how much pain you endured, you can turn your life around with the power of self-love. Learn about Kimesha’s journey from abandonment and self-loathing to self-healing and self-love.

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The Simple Technique to Manifest a Dreamy Lover

by Vishnu on February 7, 2016

Do you want to manifest a beautiful love or lover? How about the person of your dreams? The key to attracting your ideal life partner can be done with regular practice and intention. Check out this technique you can use to attract the lover of your dreams. Included in this post is a worksheet to help you attract the ideal partner you want in your life.

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The Magical Kitchen of Love

by Vishnu on January 31, 2016

Imagine a magical kitchen in your house that would deliver the most delicious and tantalizing food, any time of the day. If you had such a kitchen, you wouldn’t go out seeking food from anywhere else. You wouldn’t beg for food. You won’t let someone else control you because of food. Everything you need is already in your kitchen. Learn how you too have a magical kitchen in your heart. This powerful story is from Don Miguel Ruiz’s, Mastery of Love. Read here for the review and more.

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