How I converted to Christianity. This post talks about my journey in search of myself, my spiritual pursuits and how I found Jesus Christ. I talk about how my life’s most challenging moments led me to the Bible, Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn about my experience through my travels, the churches I visited, the Virgin Mary, and how I was saved by Christ. I also discuss the challenges between Christianity and my personal, social and political beliefs.

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Should you marry someone from the same caste or the man or woman you love? If you’re unsure about a love marriage or an inter-caste arranged marriage, here’s 6 questions you should consider before deciding what to do with your relationship. Learn the questions to ask to avoid the family pressures and emotional blackmail. Learn to ask the right questions to help you make the right decision for you.

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Are you trying to get over a breakup in your life? If you’re feeling knocked out, knocked down or just worn out after your breakup, read how to heal your heart and move on with your life. 10 solid tips and practical advice to help you come back from a breakup that has your life turned upside down. Learn about the power of forgiveness, present moment living, self love and more. You can heal, breathe and get over your breakup.

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Your Life Ain’t Over: Comeback to Win

by Vishnu on November 30, 2014

Are you experiencing your life’s greatest breakdown and have you hit rock bottom? Is there no point in living anymore? If you’re feeling broken down by what life’s throwing at you, know that you may be preparing for your life’s greatest breakthrough. There are better days ahead for you. You’ve been here before and had a comeback before. This post will remind you that you can stand through this difficult hour, survive and turn life’s rock bottom situations into victory. You’re going to have a new beginning, soar to new heights and comeback to win the game of life.

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The Journey of Light and Following Your Dreams

by Vishnu on November 24, 2014

Artist and singer, Nana, talks about how she followed the light and her dreams to create the song, Blessed Life. Hear her journey to following her dreams and living her purpose. Her guest post shares her personal life story, how she created her debut song and what you can do to follow your dreams in life. She shares tips and tools she used to help her achieve her dreams in life. Check out her music with a message and her debut music video in this post.

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Am I better off alone? Should I stay single?

by Vishnu on November 21, 2014

Are there actual benefits to staying single? And when should you stay single? This post reminds you that you’re the best person to decide if you should stay single or not but there some circumstances when you’re better off being alone. Here are 5 situation in life when you’re better off being alone and single than in a relationship. Stay single and save your sanity in these circumstances.

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How Do You Build a Popular Blog

by Vishnu on November 16, 2014

Forget about building a popular blog and aim for creating a blog that matters. This post will take you through some of the most important lessons and blogging tips. Learn what it takes to create a blog that makes an impact in the lives of your readers. Read about effective blogging strategies you can use to build up your blog from the ground up. Learn what improving your writing and sticking with blogging for the long term will mean for your blogging journey.

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How Do I Change My Career to Live My Purpose?

by Vishnu on November 9, 2014

What if you’re doing a job you can’t stand or pursuing a career that’s not in line with your calling and purpose in life? You need a plan to get out! This plan gives you a step by step approach to transitioning out of your current career and pursuing your life’s purpose and passion. Chose to pursue your life’s purpose instead of just doing a job that pays the bills.

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How Do You Trust Again After Divorce?

by Vishnu on November 2, 2014

Are you willing to open your heart again after your marriage ended in divorce? Are you willing to be vulnerable again with someone new? After someone’s broken your heart or ended a relationship, you would prefer to sit under the umbrella of cynicism and fear. You don’t want to open up your heart again or love someone new again. This article challenges you to look at your beliefs about trust, heartbreak and divorce. You can trust again after a heartbreaking divorce and you can read more here to find out how.

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Do you believe there’s such a thing as true love? Yes, no, undecided? If you’re not sure, check out this post on what true love feels like and how to make true love last. Read this post to find out what the signs of true love are, if true love exists and if it can last. How do you cultivate and maintain a loving and long term relationship? If you don’t believe in true love and don’t believe true love lasts, this post is for you.

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