Listen, I don’t know who you are and don’t know what you want. If this is about that yoga mat I ordered, I was expecting it 6 months ago. I’ll just take the refund now.

If this is my priest, I can’t keep repeating this over and over to you. I will refuse to send in my confessions by email. I tried that once and that’s why I’m on the run. Don’t call me! I’ll call you.

If this is God, why aren’t you listening? Just kidding! I wrote a whole book about that topic – Is God Listening – I know where you are and you know where you can find me. If you would like to see me, earlier than I would like to see you, let’s talk about it. You know my cell phone.

If you hate this blog, think it’s blasphemy or think I’m going to hell, I thank you for the words of encouragement.

If this is a dear reader of mine and you would like to reach out, tell me your inner-most spiritual problems and inquire how I fix them, call your nearest psychiatrist immediately. If they’re busy, call the authorities.

For anyone else who doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, please contact me through this contact form below and tell me who I should send the money to (just kidding). I do like to hear from my readers so write in or email me at vishnusvirtues at gmail [dot] com.

I do reply to every email. The only question is – will you regret having emailed me?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Vishnu your real name? Yes. But it’s just Vishnu. Not Vishnus as the blog is titled.

Is Virtues your last name? Please do not submit a query above.

Do you accept guest posts?Only from people who I know.

About? Your life struggles and how you overcame them. Stories about spirituality and faith. Articles to guide others on their life journey. (500 -1000 words).

Do you use this blog to recruit for a cult you’re planning to form? Please talk to my lawyers.

Aren’t you a former lawyer? No comment.

Will you review my book, my product, my course or my mother-in-law? Most likely not unless there are large sums of cash stacked into leather suitcases.

Is your favorite color blue? No.

Is it true that you only got into spirituality biz for the free food? No.


Where in the Universe am I ?

This online wisdom-filled sanctuary is the home of Vishnu’s Virtues – a one of a kind, insightful and highly practical self-help blog. Wave goodbye to your past and set aside the Jack Daniels.

Vishnu’s Virtuesis a community created around 3 key principles:

  1. Self-help must remain practical and useful so you can transform your life.
  2. You can conquer heartbreak and your past to enjoy  love your life.
  3. You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling and conscious life! (plus all you can eat tofu + all you can do yoga)

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