Where in the Universe am I ?

This online wisdom-filled sanctuary is the home of Vishnu’s Virtues – a one of a kind, insightful and witty life purpose and career guidance blog. Wave goodbye to mind-numbing, soul-sucking work and set aside the Jack Daniels.

Vishnu’s Virtues is a community created around 3 key principles:

  1. You deserve to do work that is meaningful to you and live a purposeful life.
  2. You can conquer your past, overcome life’s stumbling blocks and come back stronger than you started.
  3. The keys to spiritual and life enlightenment can be found in the lessons life teaches you. You don’t have to trek to Tibet or the Himalayas (but if you do, send me a postcard!)

Get weekly advice to help you turn things around and comeback stronger than before. Receive practical tips that will help you move on from a past that’s holding you back and create a new life for yourself.