Feeling disappointed with life?

Alone and don’t know who you are anymore?

If you’ve experienced a breakup or divorce which you didn’t want but you’ve had to confront…

If you feel shaken up, hopeless and devastated by recent life events filling your life with sadness, anger, and grief…

If feelings of abandonment and rejection have crushed your self-worth…

If you have lost your direction in life and don’t know what your purpose is anymore…

I want you to know this.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The life you want is waiting for you… exactly where you are. You have permission to create the life you’ve always wanted and now is the best time to do it.

You can find peace, healing and your life’s purpose today. Your life isn’t over and you can become a brand new version of yourself regardless of your circumstances or age.

The key to rebuilding your life is to repair your self-worth and believe in yourself again.

Losing yourself completely (through a divorce or breakup) is the key to finding yourself and your place in the world.

My blog articles will help you find yourself, trust yourself and get clearer on what you want in life.

Coaching with me will help you rebuild your self-worth and start getting clearer on your life’s greater purpose.

You don’t have to go any further than this sacred temple I’ve created for you or take the path that I’ve already walked before you.

I want to be your guide and show you the way to healing and creating a new life for yourself.

What feels like the valley in your journey is the exact place to catapult yourself to your mountaintop.

I want to give you hope that when the sun rises tomorrow, you will wake up to a day filled with dreams and possibilities.

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Who are you?

My name is Vishnu and I write about loss, healing and starting over in life.

Prior to writing and coaching, I spent the last few years of my work life practicing divorce and immigration law. I represented clients during some of the most painful times in their lives.

In 2011, I faced my own personal tsunami of heartbreak, in the form of divorce. Not only did my personal life fall apart, I also closed my law office and lost a house at the same time.

I couldn’t deal with all the changes in my life and I felt like all my dreams had vanished. The future looked bleak. I felt rejected and lost. My self-esteem was battered.

But you know what?

It got better.

I survived this painful time in my life … no, not by waiting it out or letting time pass. Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

To quote Mark Groves, “time only heals if we do something with that time.”

My path back to myself required that I let go of everything I had known about myself. I had to overcome the past, let go of grief, rebuild my self-worth and started following my life’s purpose.

My only regret is that I lived this life of grief and sadness for years. I drowned in sorrow and slept in sadness months and years when I didn’t have to.

I went to therapists and counselors for years trying to overcome what happened. Little did I know that I had my own tools for healing.

What worked? What didn’t?

How did I find myself? How did I rebuild my self-worth?

What is the path to healing and living the life you want?

If you’re asking all of life’s big questions, this blog contains many of the answers.

The journey won’t be easy.

It won’t be without fears and doubts.

But it can be done.

When life tries to take you down, you are in the perfect position to change the circumstances in your favor. 

When everything falls apart, you have the time and space to get really clear on what it is you want.

Battered and bruised, you can now work on healing and repairing your self-worth and rebuilding your self-confidence.

Without rules or society’s constraints, you can discover what is meaningful to you and start pursuing your life’s purpose.

Many of these answers you will discover here on this blog or in books I’ve written and available at the Amazon store here.

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What else can you tell us about yourself?

Throughout my process of writing this blog, people started reaching out to me with their own fears, doubts and feelings of being lost.

They asked me questions, and they sought resources and coaching. This took me down the path of learning how to become a coach. No, not a sports coach—a life coach.

You may think that life coaching is woo-woo and for people who drink green tea and do yoga. Ha! I get it but I’ve also found coaching to be incredibly powerful for myself and the people I’ve coached.

Imagine that you can get out of your own way, remove the blocks, change your self-worth and stop self-sabotaging with negativity. Coaching helps you see your internal blocks and inner gremlins, and with this awareness comes clarity. With clarity, comes action.

So, today, along with my writing, I coach people who find themselves in the sacred place of rock bottom.

I help them build up their self-worth because without question this was the most critical change that I made in my life that started making a difference in all aspects of my life.

When I was able to rebuild my self-worth and asked myself the deeper questions of life, I started awakening to my life’s purpose and have been on the purposeful path ever since.

I trained with both the Coaches Training Institute and Tim Brownson of Coach the Life Coach.

If you’re interested in coaching, visit my coaching page here.

12 Fun Facts

I love transit lounges in airports. They remind me that everything is in transit. The best part about transit lounges (other than the people-watching) is that you get to go somewhere exciting after your transit stop. True in travel. True in life.

I love Sacramento, California, where I grew up, even though I don’t live there anymore. I love the Sacramento Kings, love downtown where I used to practice law and had my own law office, and love Andy Nguyen Vietnamese vegan food in midtown Sacramento.

Although I’m Indian, I’m not a doctor. Both of my brothers are. 4 of my cousins are. Two of my nephews are (I mean they are 7 and 5 years old but you know…)

I can recite the entire McDonald’s menu in one breath. Great way to make friends growing up!

I’ve gotten some great opportunities practicing law (a great salary and opportunity to be a partner at a law firm). I ran my own practice and helped hundreds of families through the immigration process. Despite the money and stability, I still left the law to follow my purpose.

I found that coaching clients while I was a lawyer to be an amazing feeling. It was good for their lives but bad for business as a lawyer since they were able to solve all their problems without needing the legal system!

I married the woman I had my first date with. I also divorced the woman who I had my first date with. We are friends today.

I’ve minimized my life so that all my belongings can fit into one car load after my divorce. I own 33 pieces of clothing.

When I was in high school, I attended 2 Sunday schools and not just on Sunday’s either. I had prayers daily at home, temples on the weekends and pilgrimages in India over the summer. You got it – all the elements for a lifetime of therapy.

My parents insisted that only African American students were to participate at the MLK rally when I was in high school. My personal civil disobedience was ignoring them and presenting the “I have a dream” alongside my classmates.

I love Chinese vegetarian food, Pokez in San Diego, roti canai, Ceylon orange pekoe black tea, vanilla tart frozen yogurt, soy bean milk, red bean steamed buns, tofu of any kind, at-home kirtans, church sermons, immigrants, stories of hope and adversity, resilience, justice, truth.

I’ve never worked for a major corporation. I’ve worked as a criminal defense lawyer, immigration and divorce lawyer, union organizer and community organizer as far as my “day jobs”. I gravitate towards work that helps the most vulnerable people in the world we live in.

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