Unable to Get Over Your breakup or Divorce?


Still Stuck in the Past, Wanting To Be back with your ex?


Feeling Like You’ll be alone for the rest of Your Life? 

💔 You’re devastated your last relationship ended. You thought they were your soulmate and your happily ever after. Your ex may even have moved on with someone they met recently on a tropical island while you’re falling apart, sad, angry, and reading blogs on heartbreak.

💔You’ve tried Eat Pray Love, drank Merlot by the gallons, listened to  Adele on repeat, and spent way too many days blaming yourself and wanting to get back with your ex. 

💔Your life may have been rocked by an unwanted and unexpected breakup or divorce. You blame yourself for the breakup even if your ex is the one who caused the relationship to end. 

💔You’re feeling stuck in the past and like a failure at how your life turned out. You’re angry with your ex and yourself. You feel like they ruined your life and now, you’re lost, alone and feeling stuck.   

I coach people who are struggling to overcome devastating breakups or divorces. They feel stuck in the past and are afraid they’ll be alone for the rest of their lives. I help people let go of the past for good so they can move on and find love again. . 

I’m not a therapist who works with people for years or delves into deep-rooted psychological issues. I help people use ancient wisdom and practical coaching principles so they can let go of the past and move forward to the life that’s waiting for them. I help them find freedom, happiness and love in their lives. 

After finding this blog, 19 out of 20 people: 

💗 Are able to make peace with their breakup or divorce and find closure 

💗 Let go of excruciating guilt, anger, regret and self-blame and accept the relationship ending  

💗 Able to forget about the person consuming their life and feel free again to live their life again

💗 Feel hopeful about meeting other people and opening their heart to love again 

The 20th reader, unfortunately, moves to the Himalayas and becomes a monastic. 

Hi. I’m Vishnu but no guru or Hindu God.

I was stuck in the past for way too long after my own divorce, devastated, and blaming myself for my marriage ending.

It took years to let go of this pain, sadness, and abandonment of divorce.  I  was angry at myself for how I showed up in the relationship and filled with guilt. I wanted to be back in this previous relationship and didn’t know how to move forward. I kept thinking about my ex for years and couldn’t imagine a life without her. I wondered if I could let go of the past and find a new relationship again. 

To move on, I had to do the deep inner work of healing, and letting go so I could rebuild my life. 

I spent years trying to figure out what it took to let go. Everyone says letting go is possible but no one tells you exactly how. As I was searching, I went on a deep inner and outer journey to discover what it took to let go. Therapy and counseling helped but not completely. Yoga and meditation helped but I still needed more. I traveled to the most ancient places in the world, met guides and teachers to find my answers to letting go.  

I was able to break free of the past and transform my life through the letting go rituals I discovered. You don’t have to stay stuck in the past for years like I did. I’m going to save you the years of struggle and show you the path to getting your life back.  I’m going to help you make peace with the past relationships, get unstuck and help you open your heart to love again. 

I have a simple message: 


You can let go of your ex, move on, and create a new life for yourself. You can let go and find love again. 

Let’s work together to let go of your ex completely and start your new life.  No more waiting endlessly, thinking you’ll wake up one day and be ok. No more feeling abandoned and rejected, hoping your ex comes back. No more painful memories and ruminating upon good times.  

People who are more spiritual, introverted, sensitive, and compassionate tend to reach out to me for help with letting go and moving on from their breakup. Also if you’ve tried every other thing and still feel as stuck as ever, I know I can help you let go of your past and give you your life back. 

10 fun facts: 

1. I love transit lounges in airports. They remind me that everything (including breakups are divorces) are in transit. The best part about transit lounges (other than the people-watching) is that you get to go somewhere exciting after your transit stop. True in travel. True in life.

2. I love Sacramento, California, where I grew up, even though I don’t live there anymore. I love the Sacramento Kings, I love downtown where I used to practice law and had my own law office, and I love Andy Nguyen vegetarian food in midtown Sacramento.

3. My most enjoyable work previously was as a divorce lawyer. I helped dozens of families go through the divorce process. I heard from clients that our legal appointments were some of the most transformative. Imagine that – peace and relief at your lawyer’s office !?! It inspired me to coach people through breakups and divorces.

4. I discovered my coaching skills in a courtroom . When I worked as a criminal defense lawyer, I won a surprising number of cases in the courtroom in front of juries. My clients were accused of serious crimes and many of them won their cases at trial. I realized the power of story-telling and how to reframe stories. You can change the way you see your former relationship by changing the story you tell yourself about it. 

5. One song I’ve listened to more than any other song in my life is “Nobody Knows” by Tony Rich. This was the song that I listened to countless times during those college all-nighters. Ironically (or maybe not), it’s a song about a tragic breakup with lonely nights and sad days to follow.

6. My all-time favorite fiction book is the epic love story in the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is the most memorable books I’ve ever read in my life. 

7. Growing up, the one spiritual book that I kept returning to was the Bhagavad Gita. I was fascinated and read many chapters in this book about letting go much before I had anything to let go of. Later, I became a fan of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now.

8. I married the woman I had my first date with. I also divorced the woman with who I had my first date. We are friends today and I have made peace with this relationship ending. 

9. When I was in high school, I attended 2 Sunday schools – and not just on Sundays. I had prayers daily at home, temples on the weekends, and pilgrimages to India every summer. You got it – all the elements for a lifetime of therapy. 

10. I love Chinese vegetarian food, Pokez in San Diego, Malaysian roti canai, Ceylon orange pekoe tea, vanilla tart frozen yogurt, soybean milk, red bean steamed buns, tofu, at-home kirtans, minimalism, simplicity, church sermons, immigrants, stories of hope and overcoming adversity, resilience, justice & truth.