Blindsided by a divorce or breakup you never saw coming?

No idea who you are anymore because your ex crushed your self-worth?

Spending months, maybe years, holding on to the past, unable to let go?

Feeling like the best part of your life is over and you’re going to be alone forever?

Introducing: The Awakening Coaching Sessions

If a divorce or breakup you never wanted has devastated you and turned your life upside down, you’re likely having trouble getting out of bed in the morning…

You’re experiencing the deepest pain you’ve ever known, along with bouts of sadness, anger and loneliness….

“Why is this happening? Why me? What do I do now?” 

So many questions but not many answers.

You start to believe you no longer have control over your life or your future. 

The life you once knew has faded into a long-distant memory.

You feel powerless, like a violent tornado has entered your life and turned it upside down. 

If you are healing from a divorce or dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, know this…

You don’t have to spend years of your life marinating in sadness and loss, hoping your ex partner will wake up and take you back. 

You can let go of the past and move on much faster than you think.

There is a life, love and adventure still waiting out there for you.

In my own life, I found that recovering from divorce was about doing the work and re-discovering who I was.

Your breakup is the catalyst helping you wake up to yourself and the life that you’ve always wanted.

Who would have ever thought, right!?!

I want you to know that there is a future for you … and should I say it?

A better life ahead.

No matter bad things feel or how dark your future seems, you can get through this.

You can create an even more purposeful and fulfilling life than you had before.  

I can coach you to help piece your life back together so you can discover who you are after all the wreckage has cleared. You can start creating a brand new life that you had always imagined but now have the opportunity to create.

You will feel more peace of mind, confidence and hopeful about your future. Things will begin to make sense again.

Common coaching issues that I work with:

Changing feelings of anger, resentment, abandonment, rejection and low self-worth to finding wholeness + self-acceptance + peace.

Letting go of the past today instead of wasting even more years of your life.

Feeling more confident about yourself and having a positive and hopeful attitude towards your future.  Feeling courageous about the next chapter.

Being open to and welcoming in new relationships and adventures.   

As a result of the Awakening Coaching Sessions:

Awaken you to who you truly are, underneath the sadness, turmoil and pain you’re experiencing.   

Find the optimistic and hopeful “you” that used to be there years ago before this relationship.   

Let of go of the “There’s something wrong with me” and “I’m not good enough” feelings that have consumed your life.

Feel confident in your own skin as you embrace life with ease, happiness and joy.

See a vibrant and lighter you who has let go of the baggage and living a happy and fulfilling life.

Confidently meet new people again and find your life partner.

These 4 60-minute session costs $397 US.

If you’re interested in finding the one and living happily-ever-after, send an email to vishnusvirtues @ Let’s get started. Isn’t it time you let go of the past and awakened to a new life?

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