6 Reasons Spirituality Is an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Do you want to look ravishing, land a leading actress role in Hollywood, snag your own reality TV show and sport a Mercedes?

Getting spiritual won’t help you achieve any of those things.

HOLD ON there paisano! Before you flip the channel, hear me out…

What CAN spirituality do for you? (let me make you an offer you can’t refuse on getting spiritual – in addition to the free makeup kit and hairbrush, of course)

Hustling spirituality in your life will have you to start asking some deeper questions about meaning and purpose. It might question your desire for the fancy car and reality TV show in the first place. Living from a spiritual place will bring about a re-examination of your desires and intentions.

Getting spiritual will also help enhance your life in these 6 ways:

1) Reduce suffering from indigestion, anxiety, stress or jet lag.

Ok, I don’t know about jet lag which you mostly get from flying across time zones but connecting with your inner self can help you dramatically reduce or alleviate some of your life’s stresses.  Seizing a spiritual practice can make you less anxious, reduce your blood pressure and lead to a calmer and more balanced life.

2) Control your mind like a lion tamer.

By the time you’ve devoured this post or glanced at this sentence, probably a hundred thoughts have gone through your head. Your mind is like a rabbit in search of a carrot . Or a lion about to eat it’s tamer:) It’s frantic and wild (and is jaw-crushingly strong) – how do you tame your mind?

Start a mindfulness practice to calm your mind. If you calm your mind like a lion tamer tames his cat, you will achieve more awareness, clarity and can become more effective  in life’s daily activities.  I’ve found having a tame mind helps stop procrastination, increases focus and helps you achieve goals. My friend Sandra has provided you with 10 essential tips to tame a wild mind here.

3) Open your heart.

Spirituality has been known to put you in sync you with the world. If you start thinking the world around you is a part of you, you’ll be acting from a place of connectedness, abundance and love. And when you operate from such a divine place, all positive things and infinite possibilities start opening up in your life.

Spirituality can open the heart of the most rushed Mom, stressed professional or entrepreneur.  Once you start operating from an open heart, you’ll find love, kindness, empathy and compassion pour  forth.

4) Clarity in your life.

Oh, yeah – you’ll start having profound life revelations. Material and trivial things begin to fall away from what actually matters. Prada purses and fancy sports cars lose their meaning in and of themselves. You may have thought your purpose in life was to be the divine Goddess to all men but you might realize that the purpose for your life is to be simply divine.

With clarity, you’ll find purpose.

You’ll bail out of professions that don’t suit your soul or fulfill your purpose, and start tackling work that does. You’ll stop wasting time and procrastinating because you’ll become inspired with your life. Clarity is a beautiful thing!

5) Being content.

You might be living a life of lack and unhappiness because you don’t have the perfect mate, house or car. You’re running frantically trying to achieve a dream, goal or fulfill an expectation of you.

Getting spiritual will help you realize that you don’t need to fulfill a single damn goal or dream to be happy. You’ll also realize contentment in the place you are in life for the the things you do have. If you’re content with what you have and grateful for it, you’ll be rocking a life filled with abundance. Spiritual teachers of new and old also teach us that being in alignment with abundance will bring forth everything that you’ve ever needed or wanted.

6) Having the universal laws work with you, instead of against you.

Does everything feel like it’s working against you? You want bullet it home and find yourself in a hellish LA rush hour! You pain-stakingly sign up to take that horrendous architectural exam to find out it’s being offered in a different city. On a different %(&#%@$* continent! You want to marry Giovanni but find out he already is!!

Whenever I’ve noticed that things go bonkers in my life, I’ve noticed it’s because I’m not in sync with the universe and stopped pursuing my spiritual practice momentarily.

When you are in sync with the universal laws, things just start to shift. Opportunities come your way, obstacles get removed and life becomes magical. Traffic jams disappear as God himself intervenes to get cars off the 405 (in Los Angeles)!

I hate you, blogger-dude. Or what if you’re already spiritual?

Oh, I get it – you were born at Woodstock, grew up going to Sunday school or spent your college years being a Hare Krishna.  You drink organic chai, visit church on Christmas and do yoga. You’ve got spirituality locked up.

Well here’s the deal – practice allows you to be more conscious of and grasp your spirituality more. “In the spiritual realm, it is not that practice makes perfect so much as that spiritual practices reveal your perfection” according to Kumuda, aka Sharon Janis, in the sacred Spirituality for Dummies.

“If you’re a multi-billionaire but you don’t know it, you may find yourself living like a pauper instead of in luxury. Similarly, if you don’t know that you’re an express of divine universal spirit, you may think that you’re just a world-entrenched person living in spiritual poverty” Janis tell us in her spiritual guide.

So even if you think you’re spiritual, spirituality is something that can be perpetually refined. You have to practice spirituality to realize your perfection. It’s not just reading a Deepak Chopra classic the next time you hop on a flight. Spirituality, like dating and diets takes work.

If you’re spiritual, what are your practices and what benefits have you received?  If you run from spirituality like you’ve just seen a 7 headed-monster, why?

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    1. Thanks for your comments Sandra and for helping all of us deepen our spiritual practices:)

    1. Hi Reeta – Kindness is a great spiritual practice – probably one of the best ones! and I’m sure it brings out all the rewards I mentioned above and so much more. Thanks for dropping by and your comments.

  1. At the moment, for me it’s about Balance. Spirituality is a moving target – begin to master and understand one piece, and the next piece shows up for examination 🙂 I imagine this is a lifelong process. Some of us are born just knowing some parts, while others remain to be discovered.

    1. hi Julie – yes, I think spirituality can lead to balance in your life as well? Absolutely spirituality is a lifelong process – it’s a journey, not the ultimate destination. Unless you get there to the destination at which point you’re a realized human or the Buddha:) Being committed to a practice and keeping up with it regularly is a way to ensure lifelong spiritual discovery.

  2. Vishnu, I completely agree with you that “Whenever I’ve noticed that things go bonkers in my life, I’ve noticed it’s because I’m not in sync with the universe and stopped pursuing my spiritual practice momentarily.”
    That is 100% true for me too!

    1. Wendy – thanks so much. I notice you write a lot about being in sync with the universe and you meditation practices – two practices that I’m sure greatly assist you in running your Mom, Inc. business:) i.e. motherhood!

  3. Yo Vishnu,

    Spirituality is one of those things that I think is so often misunderstood. How do you define spiritual? I know a lot of Christians that I would not classify as spiritual. I also know a lot of people who follow no organized religion that I would call spiritual.

    I think it has something to do with how we view the workings of the universe. I would classify myself as a spiritual person. Maybe this is totally off, but I believe that a component of spiritual people is that they don’t see the workings of God as a mystery to be solved but rather a mystery to be experienced.

    When I go on walks, read the bible, try to listen to God I am not asking for the all pwerful answer to everything. Rather I am just trying to be in the experience. Yes at times when I struggle with things I search for answers. But in general I am searching for 2 things 1) gratitude (just like you discuss in you’re book) and 2) deepening my relationship with God.

    I have faith that in pursuing these two things everything else will become significantly more clear as a nice side effect.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Izzy. Wow, a mysetery to be solved than a mystery to be experienced. Freaking wise! That’s the way I look at it too:) I hear you about gratitude (a power practice) and deepening your relationship with God (another powerful practice) and I’m sure you have seen the many benefits in your life of these practices. Clarity is a wonderful thing for life, pursuing dreams, becoming a ninja, etc etc.

  4. Hey Vishnu,

    Firstly, I’ll take the make-up, but no point sending me the hair brush until my beard gets longer.

    A good list of valuable insights. For me, spirituality is about alignment. Alignment with yourself, and alignment with the world around you. Once you find have yourself aligned and are living in accordance with the true inner you, I believe the rest will follow. All the things on your list above can help in the journey.

    That is my tuppence worth anyway for now, until I probably change my mind again. One thing I won’t change my mind about though that I agree with you on 100% – it takes work. Constant focus and work. To quote one of my spiritual gurus – It “isn’t a weekend retreat. It’s not a goddamn seminar” – Tyler Durden

    Cheers, Vishnu

    1. hey Keith – I think alignment or being in sync with the world is absolutely a great way that spirituality can help improve one’s life. I think spirituality can help you align yourself with the world, don’t you? yeah, and constant attention to aligning yourself with the world (despite all the illusions and distractions) is definitely key! I love that quote by Tyler Durden.

  5. Hi Vishnu,

    These are 6 great reasons why spirituality is an offer we can’t refuse. The dose of humour is also welcomed. 😀

    I feel that the greatest benefit is to have clarity in life. When we have purpose, what we do makes sense and our choices and actions blend naturally with the universe. This will enable the universe to work with us instead of against us.

    As you rightly point out, spirituality takes work. We need to cultivate our spirituality daily through reading, learning and actual experiences. Since we have to live, we will have lots of chances to practice when life gives us challenges.

    I won’t call myself very spiritual. I just like to focus on the more pragmatic side to things. Maybe a spiritual pragmatist haha! As you already know, I rely on the I-Ching to guide me through life. The reason I do so is because it is a very pragmatic book, a manual on how to handle each life situation well. Following its guidance in any situation has enabled me to carry out my plans and live a life with less trouble since I am flowing with the universe instead of against it.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

    Irving the Vizier

    1. Irving, I have to jump in here and respond to your characterization of yourself as a spiritual pragmatist. That is certainly how I would describe you. The I Ching seems like the perfect spiritual/pragmatic text in that way. My minister refers to me as a Buddhist Presbyterian. I think that must be much the same as a spiritual pragmatist!

      1. I love that concept too – a spiritual pragmatist! Irving, you’re a wise spiritual pragmatist because you don’t accept things blindly but really question them. Also, you figure out ways to apply them to everyday life.

        By the way, even your comments are wisdom-filled. lol Since we have to live, we will have lots of chances to practice when life gives us challenges. Wow – that’s the absolutely truth about spirituality isn’t it? You can’t practice spirituality without life getting in the way and testing your practices. Spirituality can’t be practiced in a vacuum – it must be used in daily everyday life. Thanks for your comments Vizier.

        1. and please Galen – feel free to jump in to join the conversation anytime:) privilege to have you visiting my blog:) !!

        2. Hi Vishnu,

          Oh I had to learn it the hard way not to accept things blindly. I used to do so zealously in Church. But eventually I began to question things and I slowly learned to think for myself due to my life experiences.

          Haha! Thank you for your compliments. I just feel that if I cannot apply an idea or concept to everyday life, then it doesn’t really serve much purpose to me. I am not so interested in theory. I want ideas and concepts that I can easily apply which will make a difference in managing life. This is the bottom line for my thinking.

          If an idea cannot stand up in the face of everyday life and its challenges, then it is time to look at other ideas.

      2. Hi Galen,

        You’re right. The main reason the I-Ching appeals to me is because I can use it as a guidebook of spiritual wisdom to manage change. It is this practical aspect that I have always unconsciously sought in my spirituality until I found the I-Ching.

        %0Given the way you manage your affairs, I would say you are similar to me in bring a spiritual pragmatist yourself. Haha!

  6. Very well broken down, Vishnu. Often people confuse spirituality with being religious. I want to check out those links in your post. Thank you for an invigorating read!

    1. Hey Vidya, thanks for you comment. There’s a lot of confusion about spirituality and religion. I’ve found religion to be spiritual but it doesn’t just have to be religion. Many have been turned off by religion and can practice spirituality without having any religion at all:) Thanks for your comment.

  7. Vishnu, I’m adding my own comment here in addition to a response to Irving’s comment. (I hope that was okay.) I laughed at the Spirituality for Dummies title and I will have to check out that link. Perhaps that is the perfect title since those who follow a spiritual path usually come to a place where they realize they don’t know very much. That has certainly been the case for me!

  8. hey Galen – yeah, that title is great but here’s the thing with spirituality – at some point in our lives (or at all point in our lives:) we come to points when we don’t know much about spirituality. There’s probably a few realized souls that got it pretty quickly but for the rest of us, to understand and experience spirituality and live a spiritual life takes a lifetime to master:) I think if we’ve at least started on the journey, that says a lot. The destination could take lifetimes:)

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