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Arranged Marriage

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Are you going to return to the homeland to get married to the man or woman your family has chosen for you? Or are you going to run like hell from an arranged marriage? This witty and insightful book examines arranged marriage in a down to earth, interesting and practical way.

You’ll be armed with all the facts you need to decide if arranged marriage is the right way to go for you. What are the advantages of an arranged marriage? What are the problems with it? Who is it right for? How do you say “no” to one? What do you do if you’ve fallen in love? How do you deal with parents who are pressuring you to get an arranged marriage? What if you’ve fallen in love with a person from India or from an arranged marriage culture?

After reading this book, you’ll know if you’re cut out for arranged marriage. If you’re not from an arranged marriage culture, you’ll really understand what this exotic tradition is all about, including it’s history, benefits and practice today.

Learn about the author’s experience in an arranged marriage culture – his experiences with love, heartbreak and family. A book that will make you laugh, cry and become fascinated with arranged marriages and the Indian culture.