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Self Romance Manifesto

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Did you grow up with negativity, criticism and harsh words at home? Do you now experience self-loathing and low self-esteem? Is your confidence hurting and your love life non-existent because you’ve having trouble accepting yourself?

21 practices to help you stop hating yourself and start living a life filled with acceptance and love. Once you tap into love for yourself, you can open your heart to healthy romance and relationships.

Join me on my personal journal from self-hate to loving myself again. It’s time to the end the daily self-sabotage and feelings of worthlessness. You can change your thoughts and feelings and be comfortable in your own skin.

This manifesto is the practical steps that helped me transform my relationship with myself. I know it will help you love yourself more and invite more love in.

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“I LOVE it! Such a beautiful book written by Vishnu! I read it fast in mostly two gos. We’ve all been there where relationships fall apart, but we don’t realize what a powerful way to turn inward and have a deep introspection. Be sure to read about the practices he mentions because I’m definitely implementing them in my day to day life so I can overfill with love and have the right life partner gravitate towards me! Highly recommended.”
-Priyanka from Amazon review