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The Sacred Art of Letting Go

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Truly wonderful life altering book! 
The 12 steps have brought clarity to my life. I’ve read the book and gained so much knowledge about myself which I never thought possible. I felt like you were living parts of my life. We tend to stay in that vacuum because it is comfortable. Curled up in a ball, writhing in pain, finding it difficult to let go and free yourself from the past. It seems impossible but reading the book and following the steps is of great value. It will help you pay attention and live life in the moment. Although it is geared for people who have been through divorce the steps will work for anyone facing any kind of relationship issues.”
– Review from a reader

The Sacred Art of Letting Go: Walk 12 Steps With Spiritual Masters to Let Go of Past Relationships and Find Peace Today

Having trouble letting go of your ex? Stuck in a relationship from your past? Read this book to let go of your past relationship once and for all!

Are you stuck in a relationship that has ended? Reliving the past over and over in your mind, wishing your ex would change their mind and start loving you again? If your heart is closed to new relationships and your mind is replaying old relationships, you’ll feel as though your past is trapping you. Learn how to move on with your life and stop wasting more time stuck on a relationship that has ended.

After having gone through his own devastating breakup and divorce, Vishnu was stuck in the past, unable to move on and see a new future for himself. His journey toward letting go of his marriage, healing his heart and releasing his past pain fills the pages of his book, The Sacred Art of Letting Go: Walk 12 Steps With Spiritual Masters to Let Go of Past Relationships and Find Peace Today.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to walk 12 steps in the process of letting go of heartbreak and heart pain.
  • How to free yourself from the prison of your past and live in the present moment.
  • The steps of letting go, as taught by wise spiritual teachers of our time.
  • How to view your heartbreak in spiritual terms and transform your suffering into light.
  • The one place you must go if you want to release the pain you’re carrying around.
  • The importance of acceptance and compassion for yourself as you walk the steps of letting go.

You don’t have to figure out how to let go by yourself. If you’ve been struggling for years, crying yourself to sleep and stuck in the past, you owe it to yourself to pick up this book. The step-by-step practices for letting go, the wisdom of our spiritual teachers and the practical insights from the author will help you find peace and healing.

If you like personal journeys, spiritual wisdom and step-by-step instructions conveyed in practical terms, you’ll love this book.

Buy The Sacred Art of Letting Go and follow the 12 steps of letting go of pain and welcoming in peace of mind and spirit. The life you’ve been wanting is waiting for you on the other side of this book.

Vishnu is the writer behind the popular self-help and relationship blog Vishnu’s Virtues, where he writes about healing from the past, letting go of emotional pain and finding peace again. His authentic story-telling and insights into human wisdom provide deep truths and inner wisdom as well as practical steps anyone can take to find peace and healing.