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A Conversation about Challenges, Faith and God In Our Lives (1st video interview)

by Vishnu

What’s the role of faith in your life?

Is God listening during life’s dark times? (To read the book I wrote on this subject, click here)

How can we have God play a bigger role in our lives everyday?

Yes, it’s here. Although it’s almost a year after I taped this interview, I’m excited to share this conversation with you.

I spent a few minutes chatting with the inspirational Assistant Pastor Angie Taylor, in Reno, Nevada. We chat about the role of faith in your life, God’s presence during trying times, and how to strengthen our faith.

Dr. Taylor is not only a phenomenal faith-based leader but also a leadership speaker and consultant. To learn more about her, click here

I hope you enjoy the interview!

To pick up my book, Is God Listening?, click here.

What are your thoughts about God? Do you find God present in your life during challenging times? Please add your comments below.