How to “Eliminiate” Your Way to Finding Your Life Purpose

Straight "this way" to finding your pupose!

How do you find your purpose? It’s a question that plagues many of us.

In this week’s guest post at the popular Pick the Brain personal development blog, I discuss the secret strategy of ‘elimination’ and propose that doing many activities and jobs will help lead us to our life purpose quicker.

By partaking in many activities, jobs and skills, we can successfully eliminate those things that don’t fit us. The more our jobs reveal what we’re not fit for, the closer we’ll get to finding our true purpose.

That’s my 2 cents on the subject anyway – I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please visit the post at Pick the Brain and share your thoughts in the comments section. To read the post, click here for the guest post at the Pick the Brain blog.


  1. Just had fun catching up. Read your guest post and also watched your first interview–yay you! You are definitely eliminating what does not serve you. It’s fun to watch!

  2. Trying lots of different activities and jobs keeps life interesting and fun! I think a lot of times we stay stuck doing the same things out of fear, but we miss out on the fun and joy in life. Thank you for all your inspiration, Vishnu! Loved the video interview!! 🙂

  3. True Wendy – fear does prevent us from trying new stuff! Maybe even from finding our purpose. Glad you enjoyed the post and the interview – I’m following suit Wendy:)

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