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Win the Hearts of Indian Parents and Marry Your Indian Partner

by Vishnu

You’re in a bit of an Indian parent masala.

Your boyfriend is Indian and you’re not. (Unfortunately, your partner’s parents are Indian as well!?)

You had dreamy hopes of marrying him and living happily ever after.

The only problem is that your partner hails from that part of the world known as South Asia: primarily India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan or Bhutan.

If you’ve fallen in love with an Indian guy or dating someone from one of these South Asian countries, your life is about to turn upside down.

You found a brilliant, well-educated, polite and devoted guy but…you had no idea this wonderful person came from an overly-protective, slightly judgmental, and hostile family.

In fact, your partner’s Indian parents are likely neurotic, hate the idea of their son dating you and will do everything in their power to sabotage this relationship.

Would Indian parents actually go to this extreme? You betcha!

You will face an emotionally manipulative and aggressive force like no other: the Indian mom and dad.

It’s nothing personal. It’s just that they didn’t work hard, come to this country with 15 cents in their pockets and put their kids through Ivy League schools for those kids to marry you!

You may have initially thought that Indian parents were slightly protective and uncertain of you but now that you’ve gotten to know them, you’re no longer naïve about what’s at stake.

Indian parents (and most South Asian parents) are against intercultural or interracial marriages. They will do whatever it takes to end the relationship between you and their son (including espionage, private investigators, blackmail and criminal threats).

You are realizing the full emotional and psychological battle facing you.

Indian parents will make your dating and potential marriage with your Indian boyfriend very challenging. Your partner is supportive and helpful but you need advice and guidance to deal with the volcano known as Indian parents.

Luckily for you, a guide is available to help. Today, I’m releasing a book called, How to Get Indian Parents to Accept Your Marriage Proposal.

It’s a basic, straightforward guide to understanding the mindset of Indian parents – and to outmaneuvering and outsmarting them so you can have your big, fat Indian wedding.

If you’re not Indian but dating an Indian man (or woman), this one-of-a-kind book will help you understand the Indian cultural mindset and overcome the Indian parents standing between you and the relationship you desire.

The book contains 14 chapters filled with pearls of wisdom and practical-action steps that will help you move your partner’s Indian parents from “hell no” to “fine, ok, whatever.”

Here are the 14 chapter titles of How to Get Indian Parents to Accept Your Marriage Proposal:

  1. Introduction 
  2. What do Indian parents really want other than diamonds and landed property? 
  3. Why are Indian parents against interracial/intercultural marriages and you? 
  4. What extreme measures will Indian parents take to stop you from dating their offspring? 
  5. How should your rational partner talk about your relationship to her slightly neurotic Indian parents? 
  6. How do you take a strategic approach to get the blessings of Indian parents without losing your mind or your Indian partner? 
  7. What is the secret to acceptance into Indian culture without having to be reborn as an Indian person in your next life? 
  8. How should you treat Indian parents to get their appreciation and approval instead of their scorn and hate? 
  9. Another laundry list of ideas to receive marital blessings from your partner’s Indian parents as they put you through the washing machine of life. 
  10. How can you meet, converse with and socialize with the enemy and turn Indian parents into allies? 
  11. How are your sanity and other things more important than your relationship with Indian parents? 
  12. How do you deal with hostile and hurtful Indian parents who tell you to go fly a kite? 
  13. What if your partner is considering a big fat Indian wedding without you? 
  14. May the Gita and the Force Be With You

What if your partner is considering a big, fat Indian wedding without you?

If you’re seeking approval and blessings so you can marry your Indian or South Asian partner, this is the guide for you.

Pick up How to Get Indian Parents to Accept Your Marriage Proposal today.

Use the book’s strategies – and be sure to put me on the guest list if they work and you have a big, fat Indian wedding.

I’ll be checking the mail for my wedding invite!

Get How to Get Indian Parents to Accept Your Marriage Proposal today.