“Your new life starts when you let go of the old one.”  –Vishnu

Are you trapped in the past, unable to let go of your previous relationship?

Blaming yourself  and unable to forgive yourself for the relationship ending?

Frustrated that you can’t break free from your past and start over with a new life?

Introducing: The Final Goodbye Coaching

You’re angry at what happened with your ex but even worse, you’re still upset with yourself.

The old relationship is over but you still can’t let go and haven’t been able to let go for years now. You have so much baggage from the past that you’re still carrying around. 

You keep thinking about your ex and that past relationship even though it’s been years since it’s been over. 

You feel regret, guilt, and blame yourself for the relationship ending. You can’t forgive yourself and feel stuck in life. Your past is keeping you from starting your new life. 

You can’t find a new relationship, even if you try, because you’re carrying around the past with you. 

You just want to put the past to rest and let go of its hold on your heart, mind and soul.  

Imagine if you could let go of the past relationship, begin focusing on yourself and move on with your life?

What would it feel like to have the heavyweight of the past has been lifted off your back? 

You’re excited to get out of bed and start the day. You reclaim your sense of adventure and independence. 

You are filled with a new-found sense of peace, purpose and productivity.

You’re able to go about your life, ready to meet new people and open your heart again. 

You start believing that the happily ever after you wanted is possible after all.

You start smiling again, laughing and wait …is that a feeling of peace and hope?

You can do this. I can help. 

I help people who are coming out of devastating breaks-ups who are still trapped by the past and can’t let go.

I help them forgive themselves so they can make peace with the past relationship and move on to find peace and freedom in their lives once again.   

As a result of the Final Goodbye Coaching session, you’ll:

Get to the root cause of why you’re stuck in this past relationship. 

Get super clear on what’s preventing you from moving on and starting the rest of your life. 

Begin the process of releasing your ex once and for all from you life. 

Understand the next steps you need to take to find peace and healing. 

Feel more at ease and free, releasing the heavy weight of the past that you’re carrying around with you.  

The Final Goodbye Coaching Session includes:

1. The Letting Go intake form so you can do some reflection on your past relationship and get clearer on the feelings that are keeping you trapped in the past.

2. In this 60 minute  Final Goodbye Coaching Session, you’ll get super clear on what’s actually keeping you from letting go and from moving on from your past relationship. You will identify the heavy blame and guilt you’re carrying around. This session will help you move closer to accepting the previous relationship is over and releasing your ex from your life. After this session, you will start releasing the blame towards yourself and anger towards your ex. You’ll start feeling lighter and more at peace. 

3. You’ll get a  follow-up email on our coaching call, highlighting the important take-aways and next steps in the letting go process.  You will have notes on how to move forward with this process of acceptance and letting go.

You will finally feel like a major block has been released from your life. You’ll no longer feel trapped. 

You don’t have to be a prisoner to your past any longer. The first step of getting to the root of why you’re stuck is the most important step to healing and letting you.

Let’s get started on creating the happily ever after you’ve desired. 

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Investment: $99 (U.S.D) 

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