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HeartBroken By Your Past Relationship?


Believe that your Ex Was Your Soulmate and You Won’t be able to find anyone else?
Can’t Let go no matter what you try? 


Introducing: THE clarity Coaching Call 

You’ve come out of a long term relationship or marriage which devastated you. 

You thought this was your lifetime partner and didn’t see this breakup coming. You’re feeling anger with your ex but but also abandoned and rejected. You simple can’t stop thinking about them and want them back in your life. 

You’ve done all the therapy and all the work but you just can’t forget about your ex and let them go from your heart. There seems to be lingering grief which won’t go away. 

You can’t forget them or move on completely. You can’t even think about other people or dating again. 

Even worse, you don’t believe you can find a connection like you had with your ex. You’re worried you’ll be alone for the rest. of your life. 

Imagine if you can wake up in the morning and feel free, at peace and optimistic about the future

What would it feel like to wake up and hear the birds chirping, sit down for a meditation, drink a cup of tea and realize that you have completely let go of your ex. 

Take a deep breath. Feel that acceptance. Feel the freedom. Feel the future. Feel the hope of a new day. 

You’re excited to start the day. You reclaim your sense of adventure and independence. You are filled with a new-found sense of peace and purpose. You’re able to go about your life, meet new people and open your heart to love again. 

You start believing that the happily ever after you wanted is possible for you after all. You start smiling again, laughing, and wait… is that a feeling of renewal and joy? 

You can do this. I can help.

I help people who are coming out of unwanted break-ups and divorces who are devastated by their relationship ending and can’t let go of their ex. They’ve tried everything and are still stuck. 

I help them get unstuck and let go of the past for good so they can move forward and live their new life.   

As a Result of the Clarity Session, You will:

💗 Get clear on the past relationship story that you’re telling yourself and get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck. 

💗 Discover the block that’s keeping you stuck in the past and unable to let go. You’ll be surprised to find that it has little to do with your ex or the relationship ending. 

💗 Start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling hope again about the future. 

💗 Be able to see that there are other relationships available to you and know that love is still possible for you 

The Clarity Coaching Session Includes:

1. The Clarity Session Intake Form so you can do some reflection on your past relationship and get clearer on the feelings that are keeping you trapped in the past. 

2. In this powerful 60-minutes clarity coaching session, you’ll get clear on what’s keeping you stuck in this previous relationship. You will identify the blocks holding you back from acceptance and closure. This session will help you understand what happened and help you get closer to moving on. After this session, you will have more clarity and confidence to move forward. You’ll start feeling lighter and be more at peace. You’ll be able to meet new people and believe that love and happiness are possible for you again. 

3. You’ll get a follow-up email on our coaching call, highlighting the important takeaways and next steps in the letting go process. You will have notes on how to move forward with your life. 

4. You will finally feel like a major block is being released from your life. You won’t have to be a prisoner of your relationship anymore. 

Ready to Let Go Of Your EX Completely and MOVE ON FOR GOOD?

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