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Letting Go of Your Ex

Your Life Is Not Over Just Because Your Relationship Is! Here’s How to Get Your Life Back…

Feeling at fault for the relationship ending?

Feeling angry at yourself for everything you did to sabotage the relationship?

Carrying around the heavy burden of guilt and shame of the past?

It’s been years since the relationship is over but you’re still not able to let go of your ex or your past relationship. You are still consumed by it while your ex has moved on and living the life of their dreams.

You’re still here feeling shame, regret, sadness and being stuck in the past.


Wouldn’t you like to let go, get your life back and start living the life that’s waiting for you?

Imagine you could put the past to rest and feel completely at peace with your past relationship.

Imagine not carrying around that heavy burden of guilt around your shoulders. You breathe a sigh of peace and relief.

Life feels sooooo good again.

You are excited about meeting and dating new people. You go out care-free and with adventurous spirit. You feel more like yourself that you ever have your entire life.

You feel wise for having picked up the lessons and peaceful because you’re no longer carrying around the memories of your ex.

You start looking for work that makes you feel good.

You start socializing more and having more friends. Dinner parties. Nights out. New friendships and love interests.


All this can be yours if you just let go of the past but you don’t know how and I sure didn’t for years of my life. I was just reminiscing about my ex and feeling foolish for having ruined that relationship.

I never go the closure that I wanted and thought that my ex was the only person for me. I just kept replaying that relationship in my life and over and over in my mind.
I’m a sensitive person and I’m an emptathetic person. I also deeply feel the feeling sabout relationship so when I experienced the divorce, I felt the powerful and overwhelming feelings of disappointment, failure, rejection and abandonment.

I carried around those feelings for years of my life. It was so overwhelming but I didin’t know how to heal from them or what to do.

If you have tried everything and are still stuck in the past, I want to share this course with you.

I want you to have your life back. I want you to follow me for these next 7 days and do the exercises I have for you. The concepts are simple and you will have to do a little bit of work but the emotional benefits and results you get will change your life.

Every day of this 7 days course, I will help you let go. I’ll help show you that being stuck has very little to do with your ex or your relationship. I’ll help show you and give you steps to help you accept that the relationship is over.

I will help you see that whole relationship in a much more objective way and not get caught up with all the sentimantilies that you’re carrying around with you. I’ll help you forgive your ex and more importantly, yourself.

Finally, I’ll give you the closure you never got. If you never heard from them, if you could never say what you wanted to them, if you could never get that apology that you wanted, I’ll help you do a closure ritual to give you that closure you desperately need.

I’ll help you reframe the relationship, tell a new story about what happened and shift your perspective so that you won’t be stuck in this relationship that has ended in your life. I’ll help you stop the mental clinging you’ve been doing all these years.


This course will give you the closure you wanted and give you hope to start on your new life.

Say goodbye to your past relationship, marriage, ex for good. Say hello to happiness, peace and joy.

I wanted to make this course as affordable as I could for you so enroll in this 7 day course for $49 today. If you want an hour coaching with this course, please sign up for the advanced option of $99.

I look forward to working with you to helping you let go fully and completely. The life you want is on the other side of the life you let go.

Sign up today for a new beginning and a clean slate. Release your past, find the closure you need and be ready to welcome in the life you want.