“It’s in the space between the love
we’ve lost and the love we hope to find,
where we meet ourselves.” 

–Mark Groves

Stuck in the past?

Have you lost hope about finding love again?

Do you feel like you’ll die alone?

Introducing: Love Story Clarity Session

You came out of the pain of separation, breakup or divorce
and can’t see love in your life again.

So many memories, dreams and hopes washed down the drain.

Your ex made you feel so bad about yourself, you were completely lost and didn’t know who you were anymore.

You can’t move on from this pain of the past and are struggling to let go.

You certainly don’t think there’s anyone out there for you.

You have so many wounds and are beating yourself up so much, you don’t believe anyone could possibly want you in their life.

Imagine you could let go of the past once and for all so you can date with confidence and find the person who’s out there waiting for you.

Imagine you could set aside years of self-sabotage, blame and regret that made you feel terrible about yourself.

You let go of things your ex said to you during moments of anger and conflict – things that have destroyed your self-esteem.

You move forward with confidence, fully accepting yourself for who you are and fully showing up in the world, without hiding.

You find the courage and confidence to go out there and start dating again, instead of filling your mind with excuses that keeps you stuck in the past.

You start looking forward to the life of possibilities instead of the old life of the past.

What if the tears of your past relationship or marriage became smiles? Maybe laughter, even joy?

Yes! Someone is out there for you.

Your heart starts fluttering, your mind starts dreaming of possibilities and you start awakening to the potential that your soul mate exists…and they are not that far away from you.

You’ve hurt so much, you deserve the happiness awaiting you.

Imagine waking up next to the love of your life and cooking breakfast together in the morning.

Imagine making plans for vacations, family trips and holidays together.

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have everything alone. No longer having to go to parties alone, to dinners alone and especially family gatherings alone!

You just wake up happy, smiling on the inside and know that your life is full.

The good news: I coach people who have come out devastating break-ups find love again. They still blame themselves and feel like they are at fault for their relationship ending. I help them forgive themselves and finally let go of the past so they can find a meaningful relationship.

If you’d like to work together, let me introduce the Love Story Clarity Session.

As a result of the Love Story Clarity Session, you’ll:

Get clear on your past relationship story so you get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck.

Be aware of your past relationship story so you know the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are preventing you from moving on.

Be able to clearly identify when you are taking actions or engaging in behavior based on guilt, regret or blame.

Take the first step in changing the story you have been telling yourself about your past so you can move forward.

Stop feeling stuck and make peace with your past so you can go out and start meeting people again.

The Love Story Clarity Session includes:

1. The Self-Discovery worksheet so you can get clear on the relationship story you’ve been telling yourself and living by for most of your life.

2. A 90-minute Love Story Clarity telephone call during which you’ll get super clear on the love story from your past which is keeping you stuck. Learn how this story is keeping you stuck in the past, preventing you from moving on.

After this call, you will be able to start changing your relationship with your past. You will think thoughts and take actions from a more empowering place. You will be able to start dating again and find partners who will be a good fit for you. You will feel less of a prisoner to your past. You will feel empowered about relationships and confident that you’re going to find your person in life and live happily-ever-after.

3. The Self-Romance Manifesto on how to build a self-love practice you can incorporate into your life as you go forward with this process.

4. One week later, a 30-minute Love Story Follow Up Call to reflect on your love story and on how acknowledging this story has affected your life. We will check in on how our work together has changed the way you approach your past and how you are moving forward and towards a new relationship.

You can finally feel at ease about the past and start pursuing relationships with peace and optimism.

You will be working on truly letting go and changing your perspective on your past relationship so you can start the process of dating again.

I can help you know start releasing the past in this Love Story coaching session, no matter how rocky or painful your breakup was. You can release your self-critical and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can start moving forward. I can help you stop the sabotage, stop the struggle and begin the process of letting go to find love again.

This 90-minute session costs $99 US.

If you’re interested in finding the one and living happily-ever-after, send an email to vishnusvirtues@gmail.com. Let’s get started.

Isn’t it time you opened your life to love again?

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