My Resolution and Other Ways to Improve Your Life

Enlightenment or Bust 2013

I wanted to take a quick moment to thank the 18 of you for reading my blog. You know who you are.

And let you know that your support and encouragement has led to this year’s blogging resolution – to blog weekly.

Thunderous applause.

Dead silence of a meditation hall.

What you get.

You – my dear reader get to hear from me once a week. What do you mean, thanks for nothing? Hear me out – I will commit to writing for you every week of the year. And yes, this post counts.

When we’re done, you won’t need a spiritual adviser, career coach, or life strategist. You’ll just need therapy.

Is that really your resolution, Vishnu?

Yes, it is. My resolution for the new year is to blog weekly and to give more of myself every day. Lucky for you, I’m going to give you a blog post every Monday. Like it or not.

Where were we?

Oh yeah, how in God’s name am I going to keep up this project and write 50,000 words for the year?

Well, that’s a question between me, God, and my virtual assistant who’s listed blog editing work as part of his job duties. (Writing is editing ultimately, isn’t it?)

I really have no idea if I’m going to start my resolution and keep it but I do have 7 strategies I plan to use for myself to try to make this goal happen.

Peter Sinclair has kindly published my latest guest post on his blog Motivational Memo about how to stay true to your resolutions this year. Click to get practical tips to help make your resolutions stick.

Other ways to improve your life.

Now that you’ve done that, are you interested in learning more about your brain and why it sometimes conspires against you? Life coach Tim Brownson has a whole book on the subject of your brain. Find out how yawning cools your brain, why people staring at you bothers your brain, and why you’re 4 times more likely to marry someone with the same last name as you. I highly recommend this fascinating book to everyone who has one. A brain that is.

Second, do you need a job in the new year? Well, if you need to brush up your resume and cover letter (or need a full makeover) and want to work with someone who gets the psychology of job huntin’ and knows how to market ‘you’ like the personal branding expert she is, visit Jenny Foss’s site.  She’s hilarious and her advice is spot on!

If you’re working in a full time job but want to know how to start a part-time gig or freelance, join this free webinar with Alexis Grant at the Traveling Writer and you’ll be able to launch your side hustle like a rock star.

If you’re searching for your dream or need to figure out how to execute it, who better than the man we all know as 30 Year Old Ninja -just another person out there who quit his job and move to Japan to become a ninja. You know how the story goes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about but want to follow your own dream, check out his coaching services.

If you’re looking for some daily food for thought, my friend Andrew Olson’s blog, creatively titled showcases intriguing, life-changing and provocative thoughts. He’s planning to write a post every day for the next year. Oh, I said every. single. day! His philosophy is to blog different – check it out.

This next item is just a quick way for me to win a free book and have Milo to pay for international shipping. He seems to be highly praise-worthy of Seth Godin’s book, the Icarus Deception. Milo, in the words of Seth Godin’s book Linchpin, “you’re a genius”. Now, my shipping address is 7809 Rosewo… Actually, if you’d like to win a book and do a more detailed review than you’ve seen here, check out the contest Milo’s running.

Writer and novelist, Ali Luke, has her latest book out on the Blogger’s Guide to Loyal Readers. I should have probably read this book before I started this blog but I don’t think it would be too late to read about how I’ve really screwed up blogging.

If you know a kid facing family problems, like living with an alcoholic loved one, children’s author Jody Lamb has written a novel for tween readers dealing with alcoholism or other family problems. The book is filled with hope and inspiration. And life lessons, even for adults, which I will be writing about soon.

And finally, one of the funniest people I know online has taken his game, his wife and his life to Southeast Asian. Keep up with Bjorn at Culturemutt who reminds us with every post that we probably should be doing something else with our lives.

And really finally, Marcella Chamorro, just uploaded her TED talk in Nicaragua about how to take the skills from our past-times and hobbies and apply them to our everyday life. Check out the video (with English subtitles) here.

I hope these links inspire, motivate and improve your life.

Happy New Year loyal readers!

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  1. Would love to hear what you thought of the book Janet – I’ll be publishing my own review later this week!

    I also need to start guest posting again..

  2. Looking forward to getting your blog on a weekly basis! And, it is possible to keep this up, believe me. I blogged every day for an entire year when I wrote a daily devotional!
    Blessings to you, Vishnu!!!

    1. Wow Martha – no idea how you did it – is blogging daily easier than blogging weekly? I doubt it – that must have been one heck of a writing year 🙂 ?

  3. I was thinking maybe more once per year? Or maybe even take the Brigadoon approach to blogging and appear every 100 years?

    Thanks for the mention and just in case anybody doesn’t realize my book is actually free until Wednesday, and by free I mean you don’t even need to leave e-mail details.

  4. thanks Janet. I have no idea what Andrew is doing or how. haha so much so I decided to go meet him in LA to ask him. I now know what he’s doing but no idea how. he just sits, thinks and writes most of the day. lol

    I’m not trying to win Milo’s contest – just trying to get a free book to pawn off on Amazon. Going to make this site profitable one way or other. Just kidding Milo – love Seth Godin and can’t wait to read his latest and greatest!

    I don’t know if guests posts work but there’s more than 18 people reading my guests posts. i do love all 18 of you though:)

  5. It may end up being once a year! If once every 100 years, I’ve met the quota!

    What do you mean the book is free?? Can I get a refund? haha kidding:) appreciate the book – I will be re-reading to see all the ways I get hoodwinked by my brain on a daily purpose. The last few pages of the woman going shopping and how her mind operates is the best!

    People – go steal this book before Wednesday.

  6. ‎Vishnu, I applaud your intentions and committed effort. I blissfully did not know anything about (and still don’t really) stats or SEO’s. I wrote for a long time for myself really. Post for the joy of it and the benefits and audience will come. Guarantee it!

    1. Great advice Debbie – I’m posting for the joy of it, the hope of inspiring others and the friendship of my friends online. I have no idea about SEO and hardly check stats other than to see how many people I offend/unsubscribe to each post. haha just kidding (somewhat:)

  7. “When we’re done, you won’t need a spiritual adviser, career coach, or life strategist. You’ll just need therapy.” Hahaha, I love it. I’m excited for your goal, and thanks so much for linking me up! We’ll have to keep each other motivated on our crazy blogging goals this year.

    1. Thanks Andrew – I’m going to be referring to your blog regularly to get inspired. I mean, you’ll have a new post daily right!? You’ll have to keep me motivated every Sunday evening as I scramble for the weekly post. haha

  8. Vishnu,

    Congratulations on the weekly blog post goal! I found your blog at the beginning of the year and like it right away. Looking forward to your upcoming weekly posts. Since you’ve made it public, you now have all of us hold you accountable. 🙂

    1. Thanks Harry – I feel the pressure. haha I may have to check in on your blog pretty regularly in order to make this goal stay alive! That’s why I was asking if you do goals year round – : )

  9. It’s a really good new year resolution. If it helps you, it helps us because you’re giving more of yourself and that’ what we’ve been coming here for. Good luck with it and I think you’ll succeed easily 🙂

    Thank you for sharing some awesome bloggers and their products, there’s a lot of psychology driven books here and me being a student of one will enjoy them.

    Thanks for sharing and Good luck!


    1. Hi Aditya – Yes, let’s all work on our resolutions for the year. I know you mentioned that writing relieves stress on your latest post, but am I just making writing more stressful with this goal? Haha – not sure but I am looking forward to writing weekly.

      Glad you enjoyed checking out the other bloggers and hope to keep in touch.

  10. Fantastic goal, Vishnu. The world can certainly do with a lot more writing from someone as broadminded and loving as you! Good luck – and look forward to being a more regular reader this year. While you’re thinking about increasing posts, I’m thinking of decreasing mine! 🙂

    1. Thanks Corinne for your kind words. I don’t know how you post so regularly with very thought-provoking posts. I would like to have the problem of posting too much and having to cut back. That may be the resolution for next year:)

  11. You can do it, I have no doubt. I know several bloggers, Martha among them, who did post or are posting every day. That would be too much for me, but weekly is doable, and I, along with your other 18 million readers (you left off a few zeroes), look forward to your more frequent posts.

    And thanks for all the great links. I’m definitely going to check them out.

    1. thanks for your support Galen. We’ll see how it goes:) I can’t imagine daily posting but I know it’s done. Even Andrew who I linked too is blogging daily this year. 18 million haha now you’re doing comedy too?

      I’m glad you’ll be helping me keep up with my resolution with your guest post. Yes, I’ve decided guest posts count too. 🙂

  12. Vishnu, I am really looking forward to your weekly posts! I think it is a great resolution. I always walk away inspired by your blog. Congrats on a your goal, I know it will benefit all of us!

    1. Thanks Wendy – hopefully I can make this happen. thanks for reading and commenting. I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2013 as well -more wisdom-filled videos?

    1. THanks Farouk – for someone who has written thousands of posts (like yourself) that’s encouraging!

  13. I love it!! What’s your ratio of personal blog posts to guest posts going to be? I’m seriously impressed with your success at the guest posting…

    Nice links too… thanks for the plug:) I’ll send you some durian…

  14. Funny! No durian for me please and no more posts on how to eat street food in any country.

    Enjoying keeping up with your travels on your blog too Bjorn! The travel mishaps are hilarious – thanks for sharing your journey with the world. I hope this trip doesn’t stop.

  15. “…why you’re 4 times more likely to marry someone with the same last name as you…” No wonder I’m destined to be single forever! I don’t know anyone with my last name other than that boxer who knocked out Pacman, and no matter how many times I’ve seen him on the big screen, I can’t say I know him… It’s too late for me to get that free brain book, but thank for all the awesome links!

    1. You’ll have to find out J when you pick up a copy of the book:)

      HAHAHAHHA you’re going to marry the boxer who knocked out Pacman!! yes, free boxing tickets!!

      Although you’re likely to marry someone with the same last name as you, most people don’t marry someone with the same last name so your odds are pretty good.

  16. How do you get someone to read your book? You give them a teaser, such as the example above! I was so curious about that, I ended up reading most of the brain facts. Now it makes much better sense why I tend to date guys who like to recycle and shop at the co-op. Hahaha Thanks again, Vishnu =)

      1. Can we figure out a way to trick your brain into thinking it’s awesome to conduct an interview in a fun outfit? Notice I’m calling it a “fun outfit” instead of “costume,” now. Maybe that will help with the trickery… =)

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