“Maybe you’re searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”   –RUMI

Stuck in the past and can’t let go completely?

Still holding onto residual grief and anger?

Feel like your past relationship is making you a prisoner of the past?

Introducing: Root Ritual Coaching Session

Root Ritual Coaching

You are almost at the end of this journey of letting go but you’re not sure what’s keeping you from letting go completely.

You battled depression, anxiety, profound sadness and self-esteem issues.

You’ve processed, grieved and gone through all the steps of healing.

It took the longest time to finally let go and move on.   

You did the therapy, counseling, spiritual retreats and had moved on…or so you thought.

It’s been years but you’re still having trouble letting go completely. You haven’t fully been able to move on.

Dating is hard because it seems like memories or thoughts of what happened with you and your ex are still in the way.

Feelings of regret, blame, anger are still out there keeping you from fully moving on.

You’re still thinking that you might get back with your ex even though your ex easily moved on, started dating and maybe even gotten married.

If you are still stuck in the past and unsure what’s keeping you there, imagine you were in a different place.

Imagine if the past was completely behind you like a movie you once saw but no longer miss.

What if you were fully at peace with the past and fully present each day?

What if you were filled with contentment, happiness, joy and a lightness in your being.

You see a world filled with possibilities and adventure once again.

You start meeting people freely and happily, excited about dating and love again.

You have a busy social life, are pursuing your life’s passions and living life to it’s fullest.

If you’re ready to leave the heaviness of the past behind and fully embrace a new life today, I can help.

I coach people who have come out of bad breakups and are still holding onto the past. They still feel haunted by the past and can’t completely let go.

There’s unresolved anger, blame, unfairness and resentment underneath this energy of being stuck.

I help you get to the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck so you can put the past to rest and move on with your life once and for all.

As a result of working together in the Root Ritual coaching session, you’ll:

Get clear on your past relationship story so you get to the root of what’s keeping you stuck.

Release underlying feelings of anger, resentment and blame towards your ex.

Have more peace, contentment, freedom and lightness in your life.  

Be more confident and have a better sense of who you are as you move forward.  

Feel your life is full of possibilities as you start opening yourself to the idea of a new relationship.  


“No medicine would have helped as much you have done. Thank you so much. Angels do exist and you are one of those. Keep helping people like me going through this.”
– Nitin  


I was going through a tough time. I could not let go no matter how hard I tried and wanted to get back with my ex. Even though I was in a new relationship, I kept thinking about my ex! I was able to release the old relationship and move on 🙂  You helped me see my divorce in a new light and change perspective.” J.S. 


The Root Ritual coaching session includes:

1. The Self-Discovery worksheet so you can get do some preliminary reflection on your past relationship and what you need to move forward.

2. A 60-minute Get to the Root telephone call during which you’ll get super clear on the root issue in your past that’s keeping you stuck. Learn how underlying patterns or a story about your past relationship is keeping you from letting go and moving on. Put a spotlight on the very thing that you’re still holding onto.

After this call, you’ll know what the unhealed or unprocessed parts of your past relationship are so you can figure out what you need to let go. You will begin the final part of your letting go journey. With awareness and acknowledgment, you can take the final steps to let go of the past completely and have your life back. Free yourself for the heavy baggage of the past you’ve been carrying and breathe a new breath of lightness.

3. The self-published Self-Romance Manifesto guide on how to build a compassion and care practice for yourself as you go through this final stage of letting go.

4. One week later, an email check-in so you can report back on your progress since the last call. We will check in on how our work together has changed the way you view your past and how you are moving forward in your letting go journey.

You will start feeling at ease about the past relationship and get the sense you are at the end of the tunnel, with much light and love surrounding you.

I can help you know start releasing the past in this Root Ritual coaching session, no matter how rocky or painful your breakup was. You can release your remaining pain, hurt and grief to move forward. I can help you stop the sabotage, stop the struggle and complete the process of letting go so you can have your life back.

This 60-minute session and follow up costs $99 US.  

If you’re interested in finding the one and living happily-ever-after, send an email to vishnusvirtues@gmail.com. Let’s get started.

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