Spending months, maybe years, holding on to the past, unable to let go?

No idea who you are anymore because your ex crushed your self-worth?

Feeling like the best part of your life is over and you’re going to be alone forever?

Introducing: Sacred Letting Go Rituals Coaching

If a divorce or breakup you never wanted has devastated you and turned your life upside down, you’re likely having trouble letting go of your ex. 

You’re experiencing the deepest pain you’ve ever known, along with bouts of anger, hurt and loneliness….

“How do I let go? How do I heal? How do I start focusing on myself?” 

So many questions but not many answers.

You start to believe you no longer have a future because you are trapped by your past relationship. 

If you are healing from a divorce or dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, know this…

You don’t have to spend years of your life trapped by sadness and grief, hoping your ex partner will wake up and choose you again. 

You can let go of the past and move on much faster than you think.

There is a life, love and adventure still waiting out there for you.

In my own life, I found that recovering from divorce can take ages if you sit around and allow time to heal all wounds.

I marinated so long in the past and walked through every step of the letting go process.  Little did I realize that as I crawling through the process of letting go, I was developing letting go practices that can help you let go of the past quicker and start on the life that’s waiting for you. 

Who would have ever thought, right!?!

I want you to know that there is a future for you … and should I say it?

A better life ahead.

No matter how stuck you feel or how long you’ve been trapped by the past, you can let go. 

You can find a new relationship and create a new and better path for yourself. 

I can help you let go NOW so you don’t have to spend years more of your life in the past.

You can read books and blog posts on letting go of your ex or distract yourself, but there is no faster way forward than working through the 7 letting go rituals. 

Once you let go, you can focus on yourself again, rebuild your life and find the relationship you want. You will feel more at peace, hopeful and confident about your future. Life will begin to make sense again.

The 7 Sacred Rituals of Letting Go Will:

Help you let go of the past today instead of wasting even more years of your life. Break free of the past relationship and feelings of wanting to get back with your ex. 

Be able to accept that the relationship is over, find closure in the past and be able to forgive your ex and the past circumstances. Process the past so you can move on once and for all. 

Change feelings of anger, resentment, abandonment, rejection and low self-worth to finding wholeness, self-love and peace. 

Be able to visualize a new path for your life. Navigate your life with clarity and confidence. Be open to new possibilities and relationships. 


The 7 Sacred Letting Go Rituals:

Root ritual: Acknowledge and understand the root cause of why you’re not able to let go of your past painful relationship 

Healing Ritual: Have a plan for healing the raw, unprocessed, painful wounds keeping you stuck  

Closure Ritual: Giving your mind and heart closure by releasing this person from your life once and for all. Wish them well so you can close the chapter and move on. 

Acceptance Ritual: Help yourself come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over and be at peace with it. 

Meaning Ritual: Change the meaning of the underlying relationship and you can never go back to your previous way of thinking about it.

Visualization Ritual: Allow yourself to see and feel what a new life and new relationship would look like.

Clarity Ritual: Have a plan to take the next steps forward in your life. 

These 4 90-minute session costs $497 US.

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