Has it been years since your relationship ended but you’re still holding on to the past, unable to let go?

Still feeling resentment towards your ex and life has treated you unfairly?

Feeling like you can’t full move on until you release the past from your life?

Introducing: Sacred Letting Go Rituals Coaching

If a divorce or breakup you never wanted has devastated you and turned your life upside down, you’re likely having trouble letting go of your ex. 

You’re experiencing the deepest pain you’ve ever known, along with bouts of anger, hurt and loneliness….

It’s been years but you’re still having trouble letting go completely and moving on.

You can’t seem to find anyone else out there because there’s still some anger and resentment towards what your ex did to you.

You also are filled with regret for the relationship ending and unfairly blame yourself for the breakup.

Your confidence is shot and your trust in other people is nil.

If you are healing from a breakup and still not able to let go, know this…

I want you to know that there is a future for you … and should I say it?

A better life ahead.

No matter how stuck you feel or how long you’ve been trapped by the past, you can let go completely and have your life back. 

You can wake up to sunshine and freedom as the dark clouds of the past disappear.

You can see the world through a lens of peace, joy and happiness.

You can date with ease, meet people with confidence and love without sorrow.

You can re-discover the adventurous, fun-loving, light-hearted “old you” of your youth. 

I coach people who have come out devastating break-ups who are still holding onto the past and haven’t been able to completely let go.

They are angry at their ex, blaming themselves for the breakup and still stuck in the past.

I help them let go of grief and anger so they can put the past to rest, move on and find a new and better path forward.    

The 7 Sacred Rituals of Letting Go Will:

Help you let go of the past today instead of wasting even more years of your life. Break free of the past relationship and feelings of wanting to get back with your ex. 

Be able to accept that the relationship is over, find closure in the past and be able to forgive your ex and the past circumstances. Process the past so you can move on once and for all. 

Change feelings of anger, resentment, abandonment, rejection and low self-worth to finding wholeness, self-love and peace. 

Be able to visualize a new path for your life. Navigate your life with clarity and confidence. Be open to new possibilities and relationships. 

“Thanks Vishnu for helping me move on. You have a special gift in helping people. I can honestly say you were the one who helped me let go of the past completely and gave me my piece of mind back.”
– Tej

“You helped me release all those things I had been carrying around for too long. I thought I was going to be alone forever. lol You helped me find the thing that was stopping me from letting go and finding that one thing changed everything. Thanks, V!.”
– Asha

What are the 7 Sacred Letting Go Rituals?

Root Ritual: Acknowledge and understand the root cause of why you’re not able to let go of your past painful relationship.  

Healing Ritual: Have a plan for healing the raw, unprocessed, painful wounds keeping you stuck.  

Closure Ritual: Giving your mind and heart closure by releasing this person from your life once and for all. Wish them well so you can close the chapter and move on.  

Acceptance Ritual: Help yourself come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over, process it and move on from it.  

Transformation Ritual: Transform the meaning of the underlying relationship and you can never go back to your previous way of thinking about it.

Awakening to Yourself Ritual: Get a better understanding of what you want for you and your life. Rebuild the relationship with yourself and know who you are once again.

Clarity Ritual: Get a clearer picture of the future, your future partner and your future relationship.

The Sacred Letting Go Rituals Coaching session includes:

1. The Self-Discovery worksheet so you can do some discovery and prep work to think about the issues we are going to be discussing.  

2. 4 60-minute Letting Go Ritual telephone call/Skype/Whtasapp calls during which you’ll figure out what’s keeping you stuck, how to find closure, how to discover who you are and how to move on with your life with more acceptance and peace.

After this call, you will be able to start changing your relationship with your past. You will finally be able to let go, get the closure you desire and be able to completely move on. You’ll have a better sense of who you are and what next steps to take with your relationships and your life. You’ll get a sense of peace, contentment, freedom and closure. You can finally open your heart and your life to new adventures.

These 4 90-minute session costs $497 US.

If you’re interested in letting go and breaking free of the past today, send an email to vishnusvirtues @ gmail.com

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