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8 Reasons How Starting a Blog Can Save Your Life

by Vishnu


Starting a blog saved my life.

It was at the height of heartbreak and loss that I started blogging.

When everything had fallen apart and my world was dark as the night, I founded my blog.

When the pain was unbearable and the tears uncontrollable, all I had left was my domain name, WordPress and my laptop.

My eight-year marriage had ended. I left my career. Quit my job. Left my permanent address and became a roaming nomad.

I was lost, without purpose and shell-shocked by life’s bitter twists of events.

As I lay on the boxing mat of life, ready to shut my eyes and call it a good fight, Vishnu’s Virtues (this blog) was born.

Here on this blog, I’ve been able to write about every aspect of heartbreak, loss, pain and suffering.

I’ve shared my struggles and expressed my deepest feelings and thoughts.

My blogging journey has sustained me. At the same time, my blog has been a source of inspiration and guidance for others who are in a similar situation.

Today, I want to share with you 8 ways starting a blog can change – and even save – your life.

I hope once you’re done reading, you’ll consider taking the next step in starting a blog.

8 ways starting a blog can save your life.

1)   Write away your struggles.

One of the primary ways I’ve been able to deal with the shock and initial heartbreak of my relationship was through my blog and the articles I wrote. On other blogs, you can find many of my posts about heartbreak and accepting changes in our lives.

Starting a blog can be good therapy because it allows you to write down your feelings, share your innermost thoughts and analyze your life experiences.

The more you blog about your struggles, the more likely you will come to terms with them. As you write away your pain, be assured that it will subside and reduce in intensity.

2)   Share life skills you’ve learned.

Use your blog as a way to share the life skills you’ve picked up.

As you experience growth, understand yourself more and come to terms with the difficult events in your life, you’ll acquire more skills you need to handle life.

When blogging, you can reflect upon those skills and the life lessons you’ve implemented.

For example, did you gain more confidence? Did you let go of failure? Did you stop living in the past? Were you able to manage your fears?

How did you do it? How did it change your life? What tips can you share about how the new skill has improved your life?

3)   Self-awareness.

When life breaks you open, you have many realizations about yourself.

Who are you as a person? What can you learn about your character, your personality, your habits, your thoughts and beliefs?

The more you write about yourself or explore topics of interest in your life, the more understanding you’ll have about yourself.

Just a note of caution here – a complete focus on yourself and your growth is hardly of interest to a reader.

Share your journey and perspective in your blogging, but be helpful and provide the way for others to find their own self-awareness.

4)   Inspiration and motivation.

Blogging allows you to meet many different people online, including life coaches, personal development enthusiasts, motivational speakers, writers and more.

This isn’t a bad thing. And hey, I’m one of “those people” in the online space who are committed to inspiring others.

What you’ll find is that other bloggers will inspire you. As you improve and make a comeback in your own life, you’ll be able to share your successes and inspire others.

Every day you’ll have opportunities to read posts that help you get going or that pick you up from a low place.

Bloggers tend to be inspirational. They want to live their best lives – they desire to be better people. They want you to live your best life and live up to your potential. Isn’t this a great group to be around?

5)   Friendship and support.

Writing is a lonely journey, but blogging is about a community.

When you write a post, you will hear from friends and supporters who will love your post, hate your post or have additional thoughts about your post. (Without a community, you’ll hear crickets.)

They’ll help you clarify your ideas, challenge them and help you come up with stronger ideas and thoughts.

Even if you write a bad post, many bloggers in the blogosphere will have your back and be there for you.

Bloggers are a group of supportive online friends with shared interests who work together to help each other because they know, together, they can help more people. They know they are stronger together.

There are disagreements, but most of the time those disagreements seek to clarify an idea or agree about a concept. Bloggers generally pull, push and refine ideas and thoughts.

By the way, you may noticed that I shut off the comments on my blog. I did this to focus my time on writing for you but I do get a chance to interact with my readers through emails and social media.

6)   Find your purpose.


Blogging creates clarity in your content and ideas.

It can also lead to clarity in your life.

Believe it or not, blogging can lead you to your purpose.

What topics are you writing about? What topics do you care about? What blogs are you reading? Which topics do you gravitate toward?

In my case, I found that I was repeatedly writing about hitting rock bottom and standing back up, so I came to realize that my purpose revolved around overcoming adversity, discussing spirituality and helping others who were going through breakups and divorce.

As I got clearer about my life purpose, I took a coaching course. I started coaching people online and started living my life more in alignment with my purpose.

Your blog’s purpose and your life’s purpose can go hand in hand.

7)   Earn a living.

Another way blogging can save your life is by helping you support yourself financially.

Not everyone who starts a blog makes money from it, but a popular blog can be a great tool to establish your expertise, market your services and sell your products to others.

You CAN earn a living from your blog, start a business with your blog and support yourself through your blog.

You can earn a living through your blog as a freelance writer like Akanksha, as a copywriter like Razwana, an ebook designer, a course designer, a prolific author, and many other ways.

Blogging is really a win-win in that you deliver much content for free and help many people who come to your site looking for advice. For people who want more, you provide a service or a product that helps you support your work.

Another way that blogging helps is that it dramatically improves your writing.

Writing better might not save your life, but it will help you express yourself, communicate better and get more of what you want – possibly even a new job, a new business or a new adventure that will change your life.

8)    Serve others.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” M.K. Gandhi

The other way blogging will “save” you is that you’ll have an opportunity to continuously serve others.

A friend once told me that, when dealing with personal life turmoil, the best way to get out of it was to focus on other people: give, serve, help.

Use your personal stories and life situations to help others along their own journeys.

If you’re in the personal development space, show the way for others to improve their lives.

If you’re in the coaching field, write content that will help your clients achieve their best lives.

If you’re a business blogger, show your readers how they can serve their clients better.

Serving others by blogging allows you to make a global impact and touch the lives of many people who can find the solutions you’re writing about.

Bottom line – blogging has been my life-saver!

I’ve found tranquility in my writing and solace from my readers.

I’ve encountered inspiration and have heard that I inspire others.

I’ve formed friendships, found my purpose and even earned an income from blogging. (Watch out for a future post about how starting my blog has helped me support myself.)

Blogging has helped me come back in life and has transformed my life.

All of which brings me to: YOU.

If you’re at a low point or simply lost in life, consider starting a blog.

If life has knocked you out, kicked you down or tripped you up, consider starting a blog.

Same for your business. If it’s stuck or struggling, consider starting a blog to teach more, share more and serve more people.

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