“What now?” “What next?” Why me!”

Feeling devastated or like your life’s over? Are you at a loss as to what do now? No idea how to move on?

If you’ve experienced divorce, breakup or a traumatic loss…

If you feel shaken up and paralyzed by your current circumstances…


Lost your sense of meaning and purpose in life…

Or even if you’re living a zombie life – going through the daily-grind without knowing why you’re here…

Know this.

Your best life is waiting for you at…

rock bottom.

You now have permission to start over and create the life you’ve always wanted.

This blog will help you pick up the pieces of loss, get unstuck and navigate the next chapter of your life.

Yes – you can let go of the pain of the past to find love and happiness again.

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Who are you?


My name is Vishnu and I write about loss, healing and starting over in life.

Prior to writing, I spent the last few years of my work life practicing divorce, criminal and immigration law. I represented clients during some of the most painful times in their lives and helped them navigate the legal system.

In 2011, I faced my own personal tsunami of heartbreak and divorce. Not only was my personal life falling apart, but I also closed my law office and lost a house at the same time.

I couldn’t deal with all the changes that were happening in my life and felt like my life was over.

I felt rejected and lost.

A complete failure.

But you know?

It did get better.

I survived this painful time in my life…no, not by waiting it out or letting time pass.

Whoever said time heals all wounds got it wrong – it doesn’t.

My path back to myself required that I let go of everything I had known about myself. It required that I to reconnect with myself, stop living in the past and be more intentional with my life.

It also required changing the set of rules I was living by; going from society’s rules to living my own truth.

In the process, I gained insight, awareness and the tools I needed to rebuild my life which I share through my writing on this blog. You can also find the books I’ve written here.

Today, I work as a community activist on social justice and human rights issues.

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What else can you tell us about yourself?

I was born in Malaysia and grew up in northern California.

Growing up, I attended two Sunday schools every week (and, no, not just on Sundays, either). I also took spiritual pilgrimages to India and spent most weekends going to temples and religious gatherings (you got it—all the right elements for a lifetime of therapy!)

Every job I’ve had has allowed me to work with people who were facing adversity or challenging life circumstances. My previous jobs have included practicing divorce law, criminal defense and immigration law. I’ve also worked as a community organizer and union organizer.

I grew up in a fairly conservative culture with a traditional family and high expectations. (Double the dosage of my prescription, please!!)

I made hilarious video growing up in Spanish class which my teacher kept and played for many years after for future classes. I turned each video into a dramatic Spanish soap opera or SNL skit to laugh, entertain and practice my Spanish skills.

Taurus by birth and vegetarian by choice.

I’m energized by church sermons, at-home kirtans, spiritual places and sacred spaces, the Spanish language, stories of hope and adversity, stories of immigrants… I’m inspired by resilience, justice and truth.