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7 Meditation Tips for Beginners

by Vishnu

Meditation, as you’ve heard is one way to clear your mind, get more present and live for today.  Meditation is a great tool to let go of the past, heal deep wounds and find peace in your life, no matter how much pain you’ve experienced.

My meditation practice was going so-so until I leveled up my practice with a meditation teacher. I have been able to practice more consistently and more deeply after our meditation sessions.

They say the guru will show up when the student is ready. Rucha is no “guru” but is a great teacher, mentor and guide. I asked her to share with you some beginner meditation tips to get started.

Click on this video to get some effective tips for beginning meditators:

You can learn more about the work Rucha does on her website, Shanti Path. Yes, she does private coaching and also has a cool meditation kit you can pick up to kick off your practice.