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Love Yourself After Heartbreak

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Love Yourself After Heartbreak will help you take these steps:

    • Make peace with your past.
    • Overcome feelings of being “not good enough” or worthless.
    • Stop doubting yourself and start believing in yourself.
    • End the need for validation and approval by others. End people pleasing!
    • Overcome feelings of rejection once and for all.
    • Shift your perspective on fear and worry. Learn tips to stop overthinking everything.
    • Let go of your stories of self-pity and victimhood.
    • Learn what to do if you blame yourself incessantly for the breakup.
    • Surrender in life and live more lightly.
    • Find love again when you’re learning to cultivate inner love.

Love Yourself After Heartbreak shows you that the only thing preventing you from the love life you want is yourself.

While you may have thought you were a lost cause and that feelings of unworthiness were permanent, this book will shift your perspective. It will give you tools and strategies to help you make big life changes.

The book will give you tools, strategies and exercises to turn your love life around by changing your relationship with yourself.