How Life Taught Me to Embrace Change; a Tiny Buddha Guest Post

Change happens.

Change happens.

In small ways and big ones.

A small change is that I’m now back in the States after nearly four months of travel in Central America. I’m glad to be home after my travel adventure. While I loved every minute of my trip, coming home is a welcome change.

Big changes can be life-altering events; unexpected and sometimes traumatic. Some of the changes I talk about in my recent guest post on Tiny Buddha sure felt that way.

As unexpected and traumatic as change can be, change happens. We can’t do anything about stopping change. We either embrace change or get crushed by it.

It took me a few life lessons to embrace change but I think enough life shake-ups helped me come to terms with change and embrace it.

The lessons I learned about change through some of my life experiences were featured on the Tiny Buddha blog recently.

Here are 6 life lessons on embracing change, courtesy of Tiny Buddha. I’m grateful to Lori Deschene for the opportunity to post on Tiny Buddha and share my experiences with change.

What do you think? Have you mastered big life changes in your life? How did you do it? Please share in the comments below.

If you hate change, fight change or have no change to spare, enjoy some of my photos below of Nevada:

flowers from a Nevada garden
the beautiful Eastern Sierras
northern Nevada sunset

What do you think? Have you mastered big life changes in your life? How did you do it? Please share in the comments below.


    1. Hi Meg – yes, change is inevitable and mostly a good thing but took me awhile to figure that out. As I pointed out in the guest post, life’s a persistent teacher:)

  1. …Wait a second, I thought we agreed that “How To’s” never work and that nobody likes them.

    Or maybe it was the other way around.

    Crap! I can’t remember now. I’m going to go write a “How to write really interesting comments on other people’s blogs”.

    This comment will definitely make the cut :).

    Enjoyed your post over at TinyBuddha.

    1. How do I delete comments? lol

      Yes, we both are only going to ‘how to’s’ from now on.

      Glad you liked the post and thanks for sharing it Izzy.

  2. Changes are simply a part of life. If we are grounded in the Lord, I believe it is much easier to accept these, both good and bad, and to learn and/or grow from them.
    Great reminder, Vishnu!

    1. I agree Martha. We can rely on our faith quite a bit during big life changes in life. In fact, I wrote a small ebook on this subject which I hope to start talking about soon and offering on my blog. How to infuse our lives with faith to get through challenging times.

  3. Welcome back to the States! The greatest gift is learning not to fear change. This is something I need to work on teaching my son. He is about to go to a new school and I know it is hard on him. Any tips?

    1. I think instead of looking at all the things that go wrong at school and how school will make his life worse, point out to him all the positive circumstances of the change – new knowledge, new friends, new clothes, new teachers. Once he, and we, realize how changes are positive and can help us, we can all learn to embrace change.

  4. Gosh. How honest. Great post, Vishnu.

    When I read ‘reduce expectations’, my initial reaction was ‘WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?’. Why can I not expect great things to happen all of the time? But of course you are completely right – managing the expectations means if and when change happens, since it inevitably does, damage control is in place.

    Wise words Vishnu.

    – Razwna

    1. thanks for the feedback and compliments Razwana.

      I don’t know if that part about expectation was worded right. The thought there was not to ‘marry’ yourself to an expectation or demand a particular result.

      We can have goals and expectations but to be 100% set on those expectations can result in a lot of suffering. I’ve learnt I can’t force certain results to occur.

      If you demand a certain result and only expect that result, not getting that result will be devastating in relationships, friendships, business and all aspects of our lives.

  5. Ahhh changes…. They are part of life and they are always a way to learn and grow. So I am thankful they arrive, even the bad ones, because they give us the chance to keep evolving. Adaptation to new situation and learning of the changes. Great post, Vishnu! 🙂

    1. thanks for the feedback Maria. they do give us a chance to keep evolving but are not always pleasant. I’m learning to embrace them. looks like you already have:)

  6. Loved your post, Vishnu. That whole “expectations” business is something I know I haven’t figured out yet. I’ve kept my expectations way too low in some instances, and have received a level of effort equal to them. But I agree with you that expectations that are too high are a recipe for disappointment. Perhaps as I gain more of this “wisdom” of which you speak I’ll be able to find the balance! 🙂

    1. thanks so much Lynn. Glad you enjoyed the post.

      It’s not so much about high expectations or low ones – it’s more about not attaching ourselves to a particular expectation. If we demand a particular result and expect nothing short of that, we are more often than not, going to get disappointed. But if we are open to that result and able to accept whatever comes of it, then we are in pretty good shape. I say set the expectations as you wish but accept the results as they come:)

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