How to manifest your heart’s desires without shaking down the universe like a mob boss.

Is the universe going to manifest me a pizza?

Are you a results-oriented person who is persistent about achieving your life’s goals and desires?

If you are, then do you demand the same kind of results from the universe around you?

It’s good to have personal desires and goals, and pursue them with a laser-like focus. That’s how many of us have been able to achieve success and results in our lives. But at the same time, we tend to be pushy or be overly-demanding of the universe around us.

I’ve noticed that whenever I’ve wanted a particular job in my life or some circumstance to work out the way I’ve wanted it to, the universe has met me with barriers and challenges.

When I pressure the universe into delivering the type of professional job I’ve wanted or the location where I’d like to do the job, the universe shrugs its shoulders and seems to hardly care. When I’ve expected my partner in a relationship to be a certain way or do something I had expected, the universe again has gleefully delivered the opposite or ignored me all together.

What is the universe? The universe around you is the all-pervading intelligent design that some call nature, God or simply the field of energy that surrounds everyday life. Similar to the laws of nature, the universe operates on its own set of rules and guidelines. Work against these rules and you’ll continually run into obstacles and challenges. If you embrace the universe, however, and live in sync with it, you’ll start manifesting all of your life’s desires.

I’ve found these 6 powerful ways to work with the universe which has allowed for favorable life events and positive manifestations in my life.

Here are 6 ways to allow life to unfold on the universe’s terms:

1) Let go. It’s perfectly acceptable to have reasonable expectations and goals for yourself, and make requests of the universe, but you CANNOT control how the universe manifests those expectations and goals in your life. You cannot micro-manage the universe or control the universe like an over-bearing boss or lover.

When you desire something, let the universe decide how it’s going to do its part and deliver it for you. If you want a particular job, for example, do your part and apply for it but contacting the office manager 12 times a day, becoming a stalker of the H.R. department and sending them flowers daily will usually not be appreciated and could invite the local cops to pay you a visit.

2) Stop demanding. You cannot shake down the universe like a mob boss demanding protection money. The universe doesn’t like to be threatened, cajoled or shaken down. Accept the fact that the universe will not do what you want, in exactly the way you want it to.

Don’t tell the universe that you ‘MUST’ have that particular job, or this particular boss, or that the office must be located on 24th street for you to take a job.

You can have desires and personal preferences of what you’d like from the universe but trying to demand results from the universe like a mob boss will likely result in your disappointment (and potentially a long solitary drive into the desert).

3) Be open to all possibilities. While you may have an expectation of something working out a particular way and personal goals of when that should happen, permit the universe to work its wonders.

You may want the job of your dreams and a safe and practical car to get you to work. Imagine if the universe delighted you with a safe and practical job which fits your career goals instead and delivered the car of your dreams into your life!

4) Allow the universe to lead. Like the waltz or Argentine tango, you must allow one person to lead the way when dancing. I’ve found that the universe prefers being the lead.Allow the universe to point you in the right direction, bring opportunities forward and guide you.

If you try to take the lead, the universe can break your leg or refuse to dance in the direction that you’d like to go. The universe is all-knowing, intelligent and knows what you want. It may not be how you’re used to dancing but why not allow it to lead you a better place?

5) Align with the universe. Your ability and power in all of this is your ability to align yourself with the universe. What do I mean by that?

Aligning with the universe means working in concert with the universe. Many spiritual and mindfulness practices can help you better connect and work in unison with the universe. In addition to the many benefits of mindfulness, awareness allows you to be in sync with the universe.

Being present and connected with yourself allows you to tap into the universal intelligence and see more favorable results in your life.

6) Trust. The universe is wise, loving and intelligent. Trusting the universe is as challenging as difficult as trusting ourselves. Trust in yourself to follow the intelligent design of the universe. More importantly, trust that the universe is all-knowing, intelligent and generous. Trust in the universe’s ability to deliver what you need in your life, when you need and how much of it you need..

The universe has no interest in being directed or controlled by you. While you can set your goals and visions for your life, keep your focus on your actions. Leave circumstances you can’t control and outside of your capabilities for the universe to handle.

When you learn to live in sync the universe and trust the universe to do its part, you’ll see all your dreams and goals manifest right in front of you.

Do you let the universe deliver or are you a mob-boss type who regularly threatens the universe? Let me know in the comments below. (If you enjoyed this article, please tweet or share this article on Facebook and with the universe)


  1. Yo man,
    Here is where I struggle with this concept – I see a lot of people who put all their trust in the universe but zero trust in themselves. It is a real tricky balance. I have a lot of Christian friends who sit around all day praying , but never take any action.

    I don’t believe that faith is something that we show by sitting around and waiting for a sign. I believe that faith is taking action and trusting that God will be there. Yes, he might show up in a way I don’t expect, throw some crazy things in the mix, and constantly test my courage.

    I believe God meets us on the field… Not on the couch.

    I am not saying this is what you are saying to do. But I can see many people misunderstanding the message and thinking “Oh, I just have to wait and listen to the universe”. I think the universe talks to those who do – not those who wait and watch.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Izzy – I agree with you but I also think this may have been the essence of Vishnu’s message. Do what you can to make what you want happen, and leave the rest to nature/god/the universe/etc.

      1. Thanks Razwana – you got it:) And why didn’t I think of summing up my point in 15 words like you just did!!

    2. Thanks for making this post start off with controversy, Izzy. Regardless of my response, please make your next message start with, ‘that’s outrageous – I can’t believe you said that:)

      I think we’ve had a similar discussion before and I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page. HAHAHAHA…now that’s funny (us being on the same page)

      I’m not saying leave everything up to the universe, God, etc. We got to still do our part and pursue our goals, dreams etc but we can’t force the universe to do its part. As an example, you need a job and a house to not get deported from Japan. Fine but you’re not demanding what job and what house you get, right – you’re letting the universe do that part. If you started going around shaking down employers to give you a job and kicking out nice Japanese people from their homes so you can live there, you may be putting the hurt on the universe. But you’re not…you’re doing what you’re able to do and the universe is manifesting you a job, a house, etc.

      God does meet us on the field, not on the couch. Using that analogy, I’d say let God decide who the other team is going to be, what color jerseys they’re going to wear and which players the opposition will have. We can control what’s in our power but not the big guy’s power too:)

      But considering I’m talking to a ninja about not putting the hurt on the universe, maybe I’m not talking your language. I guess if you don’t buy what I’m saying, break the universe in two and karate chop the heck out of your dream. LOL

      1. That’s outrageous – I can’t believe you said that!

        LOL! Yeah man, I think we do agree on this one. I’ll be straight up. I think one of the things I struggle with is sometimes trying too take too much control. Hence the reason I feel so strongly that God meets us on the field.

        At my worst, I’m out on the field and God is saying “YO Izzy pass me the ball!” but I’m busy trying to take the shot… And throwing up bricks and airballs.

        Some people need to learn to trust in faith by taking action. I need to learn how to trust in faith while taking action. This is the area I am working on in my relationship with the big man :).

        In many ways, this is why I have decided to move to Kyoto to try to find a way to make a living, train in martial arts, and write about it. It is an act of faith. I am hoping that among many other things this whole experience deepens my faith and trust in God.

        I got to give you a some credit (SUPER SMALL TINY TEENIE!) Vishnu. You are helping me better understand my relationship with God.

        1. Izzy, agreed (surprisngly lol) especially at the line about trusting in faith while taking action. We could use all the support out there on the field:)

          I think your faith is only going to strengthen through this whole experience. Especially when you’re a Japanese-speaking ninja and someone asks you how the heck you pulled it off? I’m glad I’m helping you reflect on the Big Guy and at least try to better understand the relationship which I imagine is a life-long process.

  2. This is a great list Vishnu! I think what I have going for me is trust. I really do trust in the universe and the greatest good. Where I need the most work is letting go. Sometimes I really struggle to do that, and I know letting go is an essential part of any manifestation.

    1. Thanks for your comments Wendy. I think I’m working on trusting more:) and letting go more as well. When we are so used to getting involved and making things happen, its difficult to step back sometimes and let the universe handle it. I guess that’s where we have to go back to trusting more:)

  3. The more I try to force anything to happen, the harder I work at planning every last detail, the greater the chance the universe will laugh in my face and not submit to any of my demands. F the universe! lol

    1. Hey Down – lol – you got it! I’m sure you don’t see the logic in this and still prefer to F the universe but imagine if the universe is not listening, might as well let the universe go and do its thing:) It may not deliver it the way you want but it will deliver!

  4. I agree with the statement that we should give our best in our mission but not demand the universe (God) to give results or be mob like in getting the outcome desired. We should be content with doing our very best and leave the result with the higher power. But the challenge comes in deciding when to be content and say “enough” and “Let go.” That fine balance of trying hard without trying too hard until results come, is the hard part for many people. For example, person 1 might try to save a dying patient and give up too soon and then justify their decision by saying, “Leave it to God.” Or Person 1 might try hard to reform an inner city high school and then take a break and become complacent because it is “God’s” turn to take over. He may not get disappointed despite failure because his or her effort was not super exhausting. In fact I have had many people tell me when I try to really help a cause, “you can’t change the world or leave it to God.” They would unfortunately interpret this article and give up too early in their mission and “let go.” That is unfortunate.

    But Person 2 may have a greater threshold and push the limits even more because they refuse to be complacent. In that way they refuse to allow the universe to take over the battle. They fight much harder than Person 1 to save those dying patients or to turn around a failing school. They refuse to listen to naysayers and refuse to “let go.” They refuse to “stop sending flowers to HR.” This person may actually succeed in saving those patients. If they fail they may get disappointed because they put greater effort. But you see it gets complicated for many people to determine what is “too much effort” and when to “turn it over to higher power” and as you say “Let go.” The question is when to “let go.” I guess we should “let go” of the results but not “let go” of the struggle to make a difference.”

    Overall, great post and thank you for reinforcing the importance of doing our best without trying to control the universe and what results it offers. Keep writing these articles. They are a blessing.


    1. Kadhir – welcome to Vishnu’s Virtues and your comment. Great question about when should we keep pushing ahead and when should we let go. I think we should push ahead when things are in our control. The things that we can do, the attempts to fix the inner city school, to save the dying patients, etc we should continue to do until we feel we don’t have any further ability or control to see it through. But if a student fails or a patient dies despite our best efforts, we do have t let go.

      I think you answered your own question perfectly. We should continue to struggle to make a difference and to keep fighting our fight to improve things. But we should let go of the results and not demand the results be a certain way! We don’t have control over circumstances outside ourselves.

      You have caused me to reflect more on this topic though and I will do a follow up of this soon. Thanks Kadhir for your comment!

  5. I’m not sure I believe in this abstract thing called “the universe” as some type of intelligent living entity that assists or gets in your way. But I do like your 6 suggestions for allowing life to unfolding! I’ll follow those any time.

  6. Brilliant!

    Agree with Izzy’s point also, and was worth mentioning as some people do pick up this kind of message the wrong way.

    And I see a join with Sandra’s and Izzy’s points about the universe. I think the universe does exist as an abstract: it is ourselves. (which makes your statement about the universe interesting, Bri :D)

    And that is where Point 6 is probably the most valuable, and the most difficult. We often get in our own way because of lack of trust in ourselves, resulting in an unhealthy desire to try and control everything; cue Galen’s quote.

    Starting to waffle now so going to shush 🙂

    1. Are you telling me that when I say “F the universe,” I might as well be saying “Go F yourself” TO myself? That pretty much sounds about right;) Now I’m just trashing up Vishnu’s comment section…

  7. Just like most things, you get different advice on how something works. I’ve always believed in the universe and energy. As of recently ive decided to research and I see some articles say be very specific about your wants include the who when and how. Then I read others saying don’t be too specific trust the universe will provide you with your want in its own way that it sees best for you. Then I read state your desire then let go, but others say think about it everyday visualize, feel it, act as if you have it and write it down daily in a gratitude book.

    I feel just do what feels right for you and what works for you. We are all individuals so I think the universe will work in regards to how you manifest as an individual. Maybe some need to attach maybe some need to let go. I think when dealing with your own wants try different ways to see what works, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way. I tend to manifest when I stay attached to my wants.

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