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How to Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

by Kajal Pandey

Kajal Pandey, Transformational life coach and truth teacher

I hope you enjoy this video above and the important questions Kajal asks us to ask ourselves in order to improve the relationship we have with ourselves.

I had also asked Kajal share the Dear Beloved: Love Letters to Yourself project she’s created below.

Here she is:

Three years ago in meditation an idea struck me, which was to write a love letter to myself.

Intrigued and willing, I decide to take it on as a 30 day challenge of writing daily love letters to myself. 

Writing love letters to myself daily served as a practice of loving myself, but also greatly changed my perception of myself as it allowed me to know what was really going on in my inner world and how I felt about myself. 

Inspired by that initial idea this workbook was born!

The workbook includes: 

  • 31 love letter prompts to help you understand your relationship with yourself, and actually improve it at the same time.
  • The tools of self-love that make loving yourself tangible and easy-to-do with complimentary exercises.
  • What self-love habits are and how to create your own self-love habits.
  • Affirmations as a tool to train your mind to focus on positive, life-giving thoughts about yourself.
  • A mini relationship with yourself quiz to help you get clear on where you are with yourself right now.
  • Plus bonus videos (10) on self-love topics and access to the a private facebook group to ask questions and support!

You can pick up the workbook here: https://kajalpandey.com/product/dear-beloved-workbook/

Kajal Pandey is a transformational life coach and truth teacher. She is passionate about guiding people into their inner world so they can create a life they love. She does this by teaching people how to embrace their darkness, unlearn who they think they are to remember who they really are in truth. You can learn more about here work here: http://www.kajalpandey.com