“Peace Starts With Releasing the Anger Towards Your Ex and The Blame Towards Yourself.” 

Another night…another bottle of red wine?

The relationship is over but you’re not over it.  

You’re still angry with your ex and what they did to you.  

You’re also blaming and feeling disappointed in yourself. You’ve been stuck way too long, unable to let go. 

Introducing: Letting Go Coaching Session 

Your relationship ended on bad terms with heartbreak, betrayal and the worst pain you’ve ever experienced. 

You’re angry at your ex and what they did to you. You go between feeling ashamed for being duped and blaming yourself for your ex’s actions. 

You can’t comprehend the person you were married to or were with for years would do this to you. You were blindsided. 

They might have even moved on with someone else while you’re here angry at everything and living a nightmare. 

It’s been years and they’ve moved on but you…you’re still here feeling angry at your ex and disappointed in yourself. You’ve read Power of Now and When Things Fall Apart 100 times by now. 

You did therapy, counseling, reiki, numerology, met shamans, hiked the Himalayas…but here you are, still filled with anger and blame. 

Imagine for a sec if you could drop this burning anger, shame and disappointment.  

What if you could find compassion for yourself, forgive your ex and move on with your life for good?  

What if you could experience freedom from your ex and your past and feel happy again? 

You can find the old you again, a person who was positive, adventurous and independent.  

You start meeting people freely and happily, excited about dating and meeting someone new.

You start pursuing your life’s passions and living life to it’s fullest.

If you’ve had enough of being angry and burning with self-blame, I know I can help. 

I coach people who have come out of bad breakups and are still angry with what happened and can’t let go. They are still felling guilty an blame themselves for what their ex did to them.

I help people accept, forgive and make peace with their ex so they can move forward  with their lives. I also help them release the blame and guilt they are carrying in their heart so they can experience inner peace and freedom.  

As a result of working together in the Letting Go (Root Ritual) coaching session, you’ll:

Learn the root cause of why you’re stuck in the past relationship and understand what is preventing you from moving on.

Take the first and important step to letting go: acceptance that your past relationship is over. 

Learn how to forgive yourself and release the blame and guilt you’re carrying around. 

Start feeling like your life is full of possibilities as you start opening yourself to the idea of a new relationship.  

Start feeling free from the past, free from your ex and free from persistent guilt and sadness. Feel free and happy again.  


“No medicine would have helped as much you have done. Thank you so much. Angels do exist and you are one of those. Keep helping people like me going through this.”
– Nitin  

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back. I was stuck for years but you were able to help me break free in such a short period of time. You have a gift, Vishnu.”
– Carol S. 

I was going through a tough time. I could not let go no matter how hard I tried and wanted to get back with my ex. Even though I was in a new relationship, I kept thinking about my ex! I was finally able to release the old relationship and move on after we figured out what was keeping me stuck. With so much gratitude.” J.S. 

The Letting Go Root Ritual coaching includes:

1. The Self-Discovery worksheet so you can get do some preliminary reflection on your past relationship and what you need to move forward.

2. A 60-minute Letting Go Root Ritual  telephone call during which you’ll get super clear on the root issue that’s keeping you stuck in the past. Learn exactly what from your past relationship is keeping you from letting go and moving on. Put a spotlight on the very thing that you’re still holding onto. Awareness will transform your letting go journey. 

After this call, you’ll know what is preventing you from letting go and what you need to let go. You will begin the final part of your letting go journey and get your life back!  Free yourself of the past and breathe a new breath of lightness.

3. The self-published Self-Romance Manifesto guide on how to build a compassion and care practice for yourself as you go through this final stage of letting go.

4. One week later, a 30 minute follow-up call so you can report back on your progress since the last call. We will check in on how things have progressed since our first call.

You will start feeling at ease about the past relationship and get the sense you are at the end of the tunnel, with much light and love surrounding you.

I can help you know start releasing the past in this Letting Go Root Ritual coaching session, no matter how rocky or painful your breakup was. You can release your remaining pain, hurt and grief to move forward. 

This 60-minute session and follow up costs $99 US in 2020.  

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How much longer do you want to stay stuck in the past?

Isn’t it time to move on?