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Arranged Marriage: Run to the Altar or Run For Your Life (free for a limited time)

by Vishnu

arranged marriage book

My punchy and insightful book on arranged marriage is here and there’s something in it for you.

If you’re considering an arranged marriage, join me on my personal journey in this book. See for yourself what I experienced, what I think about arranged marriages and what’s in my future!

If you’re on the fence about arranged marriage, learn its pros and cons. See if arranged marriage is right for you – is it total lunacy, or practical and efficient at making matches that last a lifetime?

If you’re in a love pickle or relationship dilemma, this book is also for you.

Here are some questions the book will help answer.

♥ Who should get an arranged marriage?

♥ Who should run for their lives from an arranged marriage?

♥ What should you do if you’ve fallen in love but your family wants you to get an arranged marriage?

♥ What should you do if you’ve fallen in love with someone who comes from an arranged marriage tradition?

♥ How do you resist an arranged marriage?

♥ What qualities do you need to make an arranged marriage work?

Even if you have no interest in an arranged marriage, this book will help you apply some of the wisdom of arranged marriages to your dating and love life.

Finally, if you’re simply curious about this unique tradition that millions around the world practice, buckle up your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

To pick up this entertaining and insightful book on Amazon, click here. (Yes, it’s free from July 13 – July 15, 2015.)