Not with wine or roses or midnight moonlit walks.


Romance starts with you.

You won’t be able to find love or love completely until you work on inner love for yourself.

I’ve rewritten and now releasing this new ebook on Amazon, called the Self-Romance Manifesto. It contains 21 ways to end self-loathing and self-hate and practice self-love. You can pick up the book here on Amazon for free this week only.

If you want to know what love and compassion for yourself looks like, pick up this book and learn about 21 ways to practice both in your life. Learn about how we develop self-loathing in our lives and what it does to us.

Read about how I made the shift in my own life and you can too. Practical strategies for dealing with thoughts, feelings and inner blocks. Learn about the toxic and dangerous things in your life that are contributing to self-loathing and how to manage them.

Finally, learn a set of skills and practices that will help you remove the barriers to self-love, accept yourself for who you are and feel at home in your own body. Once you feel the your own love in your life, be ready to welcome and invite romance in.

For The Self-Romance Manifesto: 21 Practices to End Self-Hate and Invite Love In (free this week only) click here.