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When Society Lies

by Vishnu

Seven Sacred Promises

Do you feel out of place in this world?

Do you feel like you’ve been instructed to do certain things, study certain subjects, go to college, get certain jobs, buy real estate, have kids and live a particular kind of life?

Well, if you have been feeling out of sorts with this pre-programmed life that society has concocted, I have a message for you.

Society lies.



Everything you and I have been told has been a lie, but we’ve grown up believing it. We’ve been told these lies since the day we were born and we’ve accepted it without any question.

We grow up believing in these lies because we’ve seen it everywhere from fairy tales to the movies. When you look around you, you see everyone you know living this life.

In western society, there is a pre-designed life path of school, college, marriage, family and retirement.

In Indian society, there is a pre-designed path of student, house-holder, hermit and ascetic.

Anyone in these societies or any society around the world has a pre-planned path by the people living around you who tell you, in no indirect terms, what to do with your life.

Society tells you that if you do x, y and z, you’ll find happiness, meaning and purpose. You’ll be fulfilled in this world.

Unless, of course, you did all these things and found that they don’t necessarily make you happy. When you follow society’s rules and suggestions commands, you might end up in a nice home with a good-paying job, but you might be disconnected from what matters most.

You may have all the externals right, but what about the internal qualities that matter?

Well, this is the subject of a new book that I’m about to release, 7 Sacred Promises: A Practical Guide for Living with Meaning and Purpose, but in the meantime, let’s explore some of these deeper questions.

Why does society lie?

I make two arguments in my soon-to-be-released book about the rationale for the lies.

One, everyone is on the same boat so society gets worried when you’re off the beaten path. When you’re doing your own things and living your own truth, society begins to feel left out. It feels it would be unfair for you to go out there and live your truth when everyone else is living according to a singular set of rules.

It’s not fair if you can pursue your art and creative endeavors. It’s not fair if you can live purposefully and meaningfully. It’s not fair when you get to live the life of your choosing and society has to follow the crowd. There is this inherent sense of jealousy, and society wants you to stay the course. It wants you to do what everyone else is doing.

Another reason that society advocates so vigorously for you to stay the course is that there are many industries and economies built around you following suit. The entire education industry, home-ownership industry, and child-rearing industry makes billions upon billions of dollars from you doing what everyone else does.

Society lies because it’s in its best interest to lie. It benefits and profits when you follow the course it has created. You, on the other hand, believe the lies because you don’t know any other way. When society’s advice is loud, repetitive and all you know, you have no choice.

This book will be your wake-up call to change your existence and how you start living from this day forward.

What to do when society lies?

The most important thing you can do to figure out the lie and shift your mindset about your life is to wake up to the truth.
Awareness is the first step to realizing you’ve been hoodwinked and lied to.

Awareness will be your wake-up call.

Once you realize society has been lying to you and you realize you’ve been living society’s lie, not your life, it will become much easier to take action.

The book is written to ask you to break the promises to society and urges you to keep a new set of promises. Instead of focusing on the external and the material, you will be challenged to cultivate a new set of promises from within.

What is the alternative?

You don’t have to live the lies that society has created for you.

It’s hard to imagine that you can break away because of how loud and demanding society is, but there is a way out.

You can disengage from pursuing a better job, a higher salary, a nicer house and a more luxurious car to pursue the things that matter.

In my new book, I encourage you to let go of society’s promises to you and cultivate a new set of promises.

Instead of going after the promises that everyone else is keeping, start keeping promises to something deeper.

The promises I talk about are all internal ones that will create more meaning and purpose in your life.

In 7 Sacred Promises: A Practical Guide for Living with Meaning and Purpose, I share a new set of promises.

Instead of a promise to your career, why not make a new promise to your art? I urge to you discover and, more likely, accept the gift that each of us has been given, and make the most of it. When you pursue your art, you’ll notice how you’ll start moving closer to your dreams. You’ll start seeing more opportunities and abundance in your life.

Instead of a promise to a straight and narrow career path, I urge you to make a promise to courage so you can follow your calling in life. It’s not easy or convenient to follow your purpose and do what you were put on earth to do. You have to keep a promise to courage everyday so you ignore those around you and move in the direction of your purpose.

In the 5th promise, I encourage you to keep a promise to love so you’re cultivating the love within and sharing your love with those around. When you keep your promise to love, you will learn how to welcome in more joy and connection into your life.

The 7th promise is how to live an ego-less life. How do you let go of all societal constructs and get to your core? How do you breakthrough the noise and live from the most sacred place: your essence?

When you live from this place, you’ll be able to live a more truthful and honest life. When you keep a promise to your essence, you’ll be rewarded with a life of meaning.

Each of these promises in the book won’t just talk about what promises to keep and how to cultivate a new set of promises; each promise will have practical directions and guidance to achieve these new promises in your life.

Are you ready to break out of the known path and start living your life from the inside-out, instead of the outside in?

Pick up the book, 7 Sacred Promises: A Practical Guide for Living with Meaning and Purpose. The book will be released on June 4th, 2016. If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll get an email when the book is released. You can pre-order the book here.