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The not so secret law that trumps the law of attraction and magnetizes your heart’s desires

by Vishnu

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“All that spirits desire, spirits attain.” Kahlil Gibran

Are you tired of waiting?

Waiting for that perfect man to walk into your life?

Waiting for your business to prosper or to move up that career ladder?

Waiting to purchase your dream house overlooking the golf course?

Or for that matter, even waiting at your favorite sushi restaurant for your name to be called?

Why do some people seem to get everything they want while the rest of us are left waiting and waiting?

What are the keys to manifesting your dreams and desires?

Is there some secret law you don’t know about?

And before you start writing me hate mail or challenging me to a duel to the death, take a long and deep breath.

I am not, I repeat, not going to talk to you about the law of attraction.

Well…not completely, anyway (I ducked below my desk just in case you picked up your laptop).

I am going to talk to you about a law that appears to be working in my life.

It’s a simple principle that Melody Fletcher of Deliberate Receiving introduced to me and one I’ve implemented in my life over the past couple of years.

No, I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved ALL of my dreams and desires.

I’ve not met that striking woman who’s a blend of Kate Middleton’s grace, Freida Pinto’s beauty, Eva Longoria’s conviction, and Julieta Venegas’s vocal chords.

I’m not living in my dream beach house in Monterey, California, writing novels while glancing outside my window to take in the startling sights of the Pacific Ocean for inspiration. Yet.

While none of these fancy desires have come true, I feel like the law is working very strongly in my life.

For example, I’ve attracted YOU – you’re reading this post, along with thousands of others coming to this blog monthly.

I’ve achieved my dream job and received an unexpected pay raise while doing work where I am able to profoundly improve people’s lives every day.

I’ve attracted beauty, joy, happiness, and peace that have come into my life like a strong ocean wave washing over a sandy beach.

Wonderful people, unanticipated and exciting experiences, travel and adventure are frequent visitors into my life.

Okay already…

What’s the secret to this universal principle and dream-creating law turning your desires into reality?

Feeling good.



Just cultivating feel-good, pleasurable, positive emotional states of being.

Buzzing on a juicy vibrational current.

Like how you feel after a cocktail hour, minus the 12 martinis.

How does this law work?

Here’s what I’ve noticed happening in my own life.

I actively seek out situations that allow me to feel good: enjoyable experiences, empathetic people and work that is in alignment with my soul.

The better I feel and the more positive emotions and vibrations flow through my body, the more positive things manifest in my life.

It feels like positive energy is attracted to joyful energy. If you’re emitting a highly upbeat vibration out to the world, you’re going to attract similar vibrations in your life – excitement, fulfillment, success and abundance!

What you desire appears easily and effortlessly.

If you’re emitting low-level vibrations, on the other hand, you’ll attract criticism, heartbreak, failure and lack.

The feel-good law: You will attract what you’re feeling and emitting to the world around you. Your internal state will magnetize either positive or negative circumstances. 

Here are 4 ways to feel good, take your vibrations up a notch and encourage the universe to deliver your heart’s desires:

  1. Create a feel-good life

    When you create a life that feels good, you actively pursue emotionally feel-good activities. You consciously create experiences and actively infuse your day with all the things that give you a natural buzz.

     Again, the same feeling you have after 3 glasses of your favorite chardonnay, minus the hangover.

    Whatever you fervently enjoy doing, do more of that. Create time to do it. Feeling good costs nothing unless you have an expensive De Beers diamonds or Saks Fifth Avenue habit!

    A leisurely afternoon walk on your favorite beach, a picnic overlooking the Santa Monica pier, a free concert in Golden Gate Park, a tour through an inspiring art gallery, or simply capturing photos of beautiful landscapes around you are a few ways to boost your vibrational account.
    2.    Create feel-good work.

    Fill your days with what makes you feel good, especially while at work, since your work life consumes such a big part of your day.

    If your career’s in the dumps or your colleagues are back-stabbing, money-hungry suck-ups, become aware of how they make you feel. If co-workers stifle your happiness, look for a way out of your job. A boss from hell should inspire you to get the hell out.

    If you’re a lawyer, dentist, stock-broker, debt collector or tax collector, QUIT your job.

    If the work you’re doing doesn’t serve you, it’s time to look for other jobs and opportunities. Less soul-crushing and more soul-enriching work.

    3. More Self-Care Please.

    Create delicious experiences that help you feel inspired, relaxed, joyful and happy.

    Schedule in that yoga class, acupuncture appointment, spa retreat, massage, reiki session, or life coaching session.

    Call your shrink, your therapist, your psychiatrist, your astrologer and your personal tarot-maven for clarity and insight.

    Indulge in exercise, nutrition and those nutritious green juices Farnoosh Brock whips up for a healthy shot of self-care.


    4.    Surround yourself with the right people.

    Surround yourself with people who make your soul sing. For me, it’s been a couple of my friends whom I’ve known for the past 20 years of my life and my two ever-amusing tiny nephews.

    Visit friends you enjoy spending time with, people who make you laugh,  supportive friends who have your back.

    Who makes you gush with excitement? Whose simple presence makes you feel alive? Identify those people and bring them more regularly into your life. Create time and be open to more opportunities with them.

    Your primary relationships matter most. If the people who are most in your life, spouses or significant others, do not help you feel joy and comfort, think about how you can reprioritize, rearrange or eject some of these folks outta your life.

    Once you create more experiences and interact with more people who make you feel good, you will start noticing the most amazing things happening in your life.

    You will find yourself in a state of absolute bliss and joy. And once you do, you will attract similar experiences and people into your life, people and experiences on similar vibrational levels.

How do you turn this law into a reality? What are practical steps to feel good?

Write up a feel-good list.

There are two kinds of lists to be made. You can write up a list at the end of the day of all the things that made you feel good. Simply observe and acknowledge what’s going on in your life that makes you feel good.

The other kind of feel-good list is used as a planning list. Plan activities, events and feel-good time. Write down those activities and practices that really make you feel like a million bucks.

When you identify those activities that really make you light up, calendar them in.

Calendar in feel-good time.

You’re busy. You’re always busy. So, how do you prioritize feel-good time? By scheduling it, of course. Make sure that a half hour or more of your day is “you” time – and feel-good time!

Use that time each day to do something that relaxes, re-energizes or fuels you.

Treat this time as a sacred and required part of your day. Spend more time during weekends and holidays focused on feeling good.

Be open to any and all experiences that come your way.

Once you start feeling good, you will start drawing rich and exciting experiences into your life: fab parties, introductions to interesting people and invitations to do things you’ve never thought of before.

Don’t resist internally or externally – be open to the experiences that unfold in your life.

Say “yes” to them more often.

Create strong and firm boundaries.

This is one of the most important principles of the feel-good law.

To put it simply, refuse to do things that don’t make you feel good.

Be strong, be vigilant, be uncompromising and ruthless about the people and circumstances in your life.

If your mother-in-law makes you want to get run over by a train because of her criticism and complaints, guess who you shouldn’t spend your holidays with?

If your boss is a screaming tyrant who should star in a sitcom about bad bosses, guess who needs to change or leave their job situation?

If you’re bullied into going somewhere, doing some activity or being in the company of people who get on your nerves, put your heels down.

Make an excuse. Find a way out. Say “no”.

Again, ruthless. And uncompromising.

SCREW OBLIGATION. SAY “NO” firmly and with conviction.

Boundaries can be an act of love and kindness also. Kate Swoboda shares some tips on how to create them.

Guard your happiness and your positive vibrations like the Secret Service protects the President or the Vatican protects the Pope.

No crazy people or deranged lunatics are welcome anywhere near you without getting tazered by a stunt gun.

Be thankful.

Thank the universe regularly for those things in your life that make you feel good.

As the law starts to work and your desires become a reality because you’re emitting a high emotional frequency, acknowledge what’s happening in your life and know that it’s a result of your feel-good lifestyle.

Acknowledge the miracles that unfold.

Be thankful for all the positive experiences and dreams that unfold in your life.

Go feel good!

Your emotions and personal vibes determine how you show up in the world.

And the emotional frequency you’re emitting will bring more of that into your life.

Happiness, peace and joy will attract more of the same.

Drama, irritation and annoyance will do the same.

Be strong in protecting your happy place. Guard your surroundings, circumstances, social circles and family interactions.

Go forth in the world and create more feel-good experiences. You’ll draw more magical circumstances, loving people and unimaginable success.

While I’ve closed the comments on the blog, drop by Twitter or Google+ and let me know how you feel about this feel-good law. Do you create feel-good experiences daily? Or think I’ve fallen off the deep end (again)?    

Photo credit: @mhofstrand