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The Only Thing Between You and the Relationship You Want

by Vishnu

does true love exist

Indian dating advice: find a man from a good family who owns property in the homeland and has a MD, Ph.D or engineering degree.

American dating advice: Find an emotionally vulnerable man who can be your best friend, therapist, and spiritual guide. Make sure he’s intelligent, dashingly handsome, well-groomed, well-dressed, acceptable to take out socially, and gets you completely without you having to say a word.

Hmm…so how do you land one of these men?

Turn to the copious amounts of books, magazines, relationship gurus and astrological readings that are available out there?

So much of the dating advice out there is focused on the thing you can’t control or do much about. So much advice out there is on the the person you’re trying to attract!

What really keeps us from finding the person we want is… get ready for this…


I know…so anti-climatic.

It’s your self-sabotage, belief system and self-esteem that’s ultimately keeps you from what you want.

It’s your own internal thinking, patterns, emotional state, mental state that is keeping you from getting hitched.

Nope, I’m not saying you’re nuts, you’re a lost cause and to surrender from the dating scene immediately.

What I am saying is that all the work that you need to do to materialize love, I’ve come to conclude, has nothing to do with anyone else.

The only person you can change, the only mindset you can alter, the only person who can become more emotionally vulnerable and the only person who can open their heart to love is YOU.

This may come as a shock to you.

It’s so much more convenient to think the world is ending, no one loves you and you’re going to die alone.

It’s so much more dramatic and noble to be a hoarder, ascetic, sheep herder, or fisherman in the backwaters of Kerala.

This is all fine and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to live a lonely, peaceful existence filled with inner awakening, your own sleeping bag, your own schedule and your own closet space. Actually, I’ve pondered and romanticized about this life often…minus the closet space, of course.

This post isn’t to put you down or shame you or make you feel inadequate for wanting to do life alone.

This post is for those of you who do want to date, who want love in your life and especially for those of you, who are planning to do this AGAIN.

Now, listen. I’m no love guru or Dear Abby, Carrie Bradshaw, Harry Met Sally, Prince Harry, Dirty Harry, Dr. Drew or anything like that.

I’m a normal regular person, like you who jumped into the dating pool, not by choice but because life dropped me off in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of scary looking sharks swimming around me.

Wait, what?

I was pushed into the scary waters of dating and love again. Of course, the point of this post is to tell you that it’s not that scary, there are no sharks swimming around you and you have a life jacket and pool animal floating devices. Oh, and that you’re not in the deathly shark-infested waters but likely sipping on Margaritas with blue umbrellas, while lounging around a pool at a beach house in Colorado.

So, let me repeat this again.

The only thing standing between you and the person of your dreams is you.

Work on yourself. Choose yourself. Improve yourself. Be your best self.

And as I say in my upcoming book, “Treat yourself as your number-one lover and you will find a person who pops up from nowhere to treat you the same way.”

Now that I’ve given away all the details of my book and summarized it for you in two sentences – why in the world would you even pick up this book?

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  • What areas of love you should look for compatibility in. What you both enjoy doing on the weekends is not as important as those things that really matter.

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