Vishnu’s Virtues Coaching Intake Form

All Information Is Strictly Confidential.

What is you preferred method of holding our sessions?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being as bad as it could be and 10 being fully achieved/happy) grade each of the categories below as they are for you now. For example, if you are fully satisfied with the amount of time, energy, attention you are paying towards your savings put a 10 in the box next to savings.
Coach Disclaimer of Liability: Client (“you”) hereby employs the Coach for the purpose of supporting you with respect to your self-awareness, vision and goals, and strategic plans, has experience in such matters and agrees to render such coaching services. Client understands that the Coach is not a psychologist, psychotherapist or mental health provider. Coaching does not include psychological counseling, psychoanalysis or behavioral therapy.

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