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Why You Suck at Manifesting? (and 21 Universal Laws to Help You Get Everything You Want in Life)

by Vishnu

Our gift from the universe.

A little gift from the universe

Do you think the universe is out to thump you like the 2014 German World Cup team? (Yup, beat you 7-1 on your own turf, in your own country? ¡Que triste Brasil!)

Or do you believe the universe is like a well-dressed, chiseled-jaw, Italian gentleman with piercing blue eyes who discreetly whispers, “Ti adoro” (I adore you) into your ears as the clock strikes midnight?

One who listens intently to your every command and often grants your wishes?

Or, more likely, do you think that anyone who speaks about such things as “the universe” should be locked up in a far-away island-ashram with organic cuisine and non-stop audio recordings of Deepak Chopra?

The universe and you.

Each of us will characterize the universe as something different.

To some, the universe is the physical realm we live in.

Most correlate the universe with the natural order of the world we live in, even Mother Nature.

You may think of the universe in a spiritual realm, like a universal design or intelligence by a higher power.

Even God.

The universe can be your reality. The world as you see it.

How to have the universe on your side.

I’ve noticed in my own life that the more I’m tune with the universe and its laws, the more positive circumstances unfold in my favor and life feels like it’s rooting for me.

Other times, when I’ve been out of sorts with the universe, I feel like a floating feather in the eye of a hurricane, stirred violently in its arms.

When you’re in tune, the universe grants you favors like the Godfather.

In my own life, being in sync with the universe these days has resulted in a dream job, meeting the right people, rich experiences, exotic travel and circumstances falling into place.  

Even without asking for things, living by these universal principles makes miracles happen. It feels like magic at times!

Out of tune, the universe will feel like well-dressed, burly men in black, driving you out into the desert in the middle of the night with shovels in the trunk.

If you’re having trouble getting what you want in life, feeling out of sync with the universe and not manifesting your dreams, you may be in the dark about some powerful universal laws.

It’s not that you suck at manifesting – you just didn’t know about these universal laws existed. And if you had no idea these laws existed, you probably don’t know how you could live in alignment with them.

But all that is about to change now.

These are not laws I created, but simply discovered working in my life.

I find that when I’m in alignment with these 21 laws, miracles occur and dreams come true.

These 21 laws have helped me be one with the universe and have created some delightful circumstances in my life. I am writing these laws down to help you achieve your dreams and manifest your life desires.

21 Powerful Laws to Be One with the Universe and Manifest Your Every Wish

1.    Be present. Our desire is often to live in the past and in the future. Living in the past allows you to lick your wounds and immerse yourself in your pain. Living in the future elevates your anxiety and causes you to measure yourself against a future that is not yet here.

The universe works best with you when you live in the present time. Refuse to be hauled back to the past or constantly thinking of and fearing your future.

Whenever you become aware that you’re dreaming about that sweet relationship from 20 years ago or that ex who did you wrong, take note of it. Recognize that you’re drifting into the past.

Live here, now, by simply noticing when you drift away to the past or future.

2.    Be prayerful. Although this may be a religious concept to most, I don’t necessarily mean this in a religious sense. Sure, I may pray to a God, but a prayer of thanksgiving, a prayer for strength to deal with life’s twists and turns, or a prayer of hope will do just as well.

Prayer allows for focused reflection and alignment of our soul with the universe.

Prayer is a practice that allows your heart to communicate directly with the universe.

Speak to the universe through prayer, but refrain from groveling or begging. Instead, use these tips to pray the right way.

3.    Be still. This is an important one. Somehow when I’m still through a period of either silence or meditation, I am able to cut out the world around me and be on the exact same vibration as the universe.

“Day by day, become more and more intimate with the inner stillness, joy and love which is the fragrance of your own pure heart. Keep quiet.” Mooji

Be still. Meditate. Listen to yourself. Allow moments of silence so your intuition or soul will reveal answers to you.

Here’s a great meditation to do, led by Lilou.

4.    Set an intention. Let the universe know what you would like to see in your life.

No need to threaten, beg or be pushy.

You can simply set out the intention for more love, abundance, friendship, happiness or hope.

Set the intention for a new job, a new relationship, a new experience, or a travel adventure.

A vision board is certainly one way you can express your intention to the universe. You can see how to create a vision board here.

Writing your intentions on a piece of paper and then burning it or sending it down the river is another way.

So is writing a letter to the universe.

5.    Live like you’ve received it. Imagine how it would feel to have what you desire or request from the universe.

Use visualization techniques to feel and embrace what you desire.

I mentioned above that you shouldn’t live in the future or waste your time in any place other than the present moment. So how do you reconcile the two concepts?

Simply live today like you already have what you want. Feel those feelings and vibrations like you have your heart’s desire at this very moment. 

Imagine that it was you whom George Clooney had proposed to, instead of Amal Alamuddin.

Like you bought Ellen Degeneres’s house.

Scored the world cup goal, instead of Mario Goetze of Germany.

Jubilantly walked away with Clare Danes’s or Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Emmy award.

6.    Be of service. Look for opportunities to help others and improve their lives.

If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.”  Aung San Suu Ky

The universe is both disciplined and reciprocal about your service to others. The more you serve freely and without expectations, the more the universe will serve you in your life.

If you serve with expectations, be prepared to face disappointments instead.

Try to help one person each day. Improve someone’s life in some small way.

Serve with your time, your talents, give your abilities to improve the lives of others.

Give more than you take. Give when you aren’t asked.

7.    Celebrate everyone’s gift. This is another biggie. As humans, we always are thinking of how to gain for ourselves.

The universe simply HATES this kind of thinking.

If you’re only worried about receiving for yourself, the universe sees this as selfish and self-indulgent.

The universe wants you to celebrate gifts that everyone gets, because the universe does not see any differences.

The universe isn’t a doting parent favoring only one child. And the universe isn’t like The Bachelor reality show where only one lucky woman walks away with the man of her dreams.

The universe isn’t a lottery where there’s only one winner. Everyone wins.

If you think you’re losing, if you try to compare yourself to others or feel resentment at the success of others, the universe will flip you off like a rushed commuter on the I-405.

Whatever anyone receives, celebrate it. My gift is your gift. Your mother-in-law’s success is your success. Your neighbor’s job promotion is your job promotion.

Your best friend’s Oscar win is your Oscar win.

Change your mindset from win-lose to win-win. When you win, I win. We all win.

Celebrate others as you would celebrate yourself.

8.    Give a hoot about others. Pay attention to what’s around you. Be more observant of your world.

Look for injustice, poverty, or inequality, and help do something about it.

Make a difference by caring. Change the world by alleviating the pain or problem.

Don’t look at a situation and say, “That’s not my problem”. Instead, think about what you can do to help that problem. What solutions can you come up with?

How can you help? Who should you inform?

Exercise your empathy at work and in life. Try to understand the circumstances others are in and the burdens they face.

Putting yourself in other people’s shoes opens up pores of compassion and love toward others and yourself.

The universe uses compassion and love as fertilizer to allow your life to bloom.

9.    Give thanks. Be forever grateful for what the universe has brought your way.

The more thankful you are, the more goodness the universe delivers to you.

The secret here is to be grateful for even the smallest things.

And even for things that you have no business being grateful for. While you may want to curl up in bed over a breakup, know that it could be a big step towards a better future.

When sick, be thankful that you’re having time off to rest.

When you have to shut down a business, be thankful that you don’t have to invest any more money.

When a loved one passes away, be thankful for all the time you were able to spend with them.

10.     Be love. Embrace, cultivate and radiate love towards others.

Love your partner and everyone else too.

Love your partner. And everyone else too.

Look for every opportunity to reflect love back at the world.

In the face of hatred, injustice and pain, respond with love.

If you’ve grown up without love or lacking love for yourself, then focus on building up your own self-worth and self-love. Read the manifesto on self-love here.

Love yourself as the universe wants to love you. You can only receive universal love when you have the ability to receive love yourself.

So, practice loving yourself, practice loving others, and practice loving everything.

Be a transmitter of love so the universe can work through you and manifest whatever it is your heart imagined.

11.     Forgive. Forgive anyone and everyone who has trespassed against you. Use radical forgiveness to let go of the deepest pains and injuries.

The universe can only bring you love when the wounds of pain and anger have healed. You must forgive to allow healing and love to envelop your life.

If you’re not getting what you want out of life, there are probably people in your life you’ve not forgiven. You must let go and forgive them, no matter how big the trespass was.

If you don’t forgive, the universe can’t do its work to bring you what you deserve. The universe will be caught up in your blocks and your resentments.

Universal energy cannot flow through you because you’ve stopped it with pettiness, bitterness and building a wall of negative vibrations around yourself.

If you can’t forgive in your heart, start by writing a letter of forgiveness to the person who has done you wrong.

12.     Let go. Let go of what’s holding you down. Let go of emotional turmoil, grudges and hurt. Let go of the past. Let go of pleasurable and painful experiences.

The universe does not like greedy people, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you hold onto things.

When you hold onto uncomfortable or pleasurable experiences, the universe sees you hoarding something, clinging to feelings like you are to your favorite blanket.

But when you’re holding on so deeply to these feelings, you again stop the universal energy from flowing

“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities,” the Dalai Lama has said.

If you can’t let go of fleeting feelings and circumstances, how can the universe grant you better and richer experiences? If you’re hoarding the negative vibes (or even positive ones), how can the universe trust you with new experiences?

Embrace the experiences you face, but do not sit on the treasure of your experiences like a selfish Wall Street baron.

Say this: “I chose to let go of this experience” or “I chose to free myself from these feelings. I will allows these feelings to pass through me like the clouds in the sky.

In fact, be like the sky. Allow feelings, experiences and desires to float past you without grabbing onto them.

The sky is endless. The clouds are abundant.

13.     Trust. Trust that the universe will manifest what is right for you, not necessarily what you’ve asked for.

I used to make specific desires and request of the universe, but those manifestations have brought forth pain and struggle at times.

Instead, I now reveal my intentions to the universe, but do not demand how it goes about it or insist on a particular result.

The result I desire may not be right for me.

Trust the universe to use its infinite wisdom to deliver what is best for you.

Instead of demanding that you become the top cat at your company, ask the universe for a position that allows you to manage and lead others.

Instead of demanding a fancy home on the beach, ask the universe for a residence that makes you feel abundant and gives you joy.

Instead of the perfect man, ask for unconditional love, respect and someone who will empower you. Be open to whoever shows up.

14.     Be open. Don’t think the universe won’t deliver. Be open to receiving what the universe has in store for you.

It may not be exactly as you desire it, but simply give the universe time to deliver at the right time for you.

And be open to the various manifestations of your intention. Again, it may not be exactly as you had wished, but it will be what is right for you.

Also, we’re curious people. When things do show up in our lives, even if it’s exactly what we wanted, we run scared.

We make up stories in our mind about why someone is not right for us.  Even if our deepest heart’s desire shows up, we worry that it will go away, it isn’t right for us, it will end.

Whenever your heart feels like closing, open it. When it feels like running away, stay. Be present.

Know that whatever experience you’re having is the experience you need. It is the experience you need for the evolution of your consciousness, as Eckhart Tolle has declared.

15.     Follow the universe’s lead.

The universe will point and lead in certain directions.

Instead of fighting it, go with the flow.

The path of least resistance is the one the universe wants.

If you find yourself in a treacherous path in the pitch-black jungle, fear not.  Once again, trust the universe, knowing that there will always be dawn after darkness.

After struggling against and overcoming obstacles in your path, you will see the light.

The universe will guide you in certain directions. Certain paths and people will show up from nowhere. Know that these are signs and clues from the universe.

16.     Pay attention to clues. The universe will tell you what’s right with subtle and overwhelming messages.

The universe will speak to you through your intuition, but you may also receive guidance from a single conversation, a book, a phrase or even a seemingly random road sign or car license plate.

In order to be able to see the clues the universe regularly reveals to you, be more mindful to the sights and sounds around you.

If you’re not actively looking for clues from the universe, you’ll miss them.

If you’re trying to make a decision and 3 people give you unsolicited advice about the issue, it’s most likely a clue.

If you go to pick up a cream color cotton-cardigan by Bottega Veneta at the mall but discover it’s sold out, it could be a sign. If you see the same cream-color cardigan at the Banana Republic for one-tenth of the price, even more of a sign. If it’s an extra 20% off due to it being Valentine’s Day weekend, the universe is demanding that you pick it up.

17.     Make space. Start clearing out dead-weight thoughts, emotional baggage and other hurts and pains. Once you let go of a person, a feeling, or unproductive habits, you’ll have additional room for more positive people and circumstances in your life.

Leave toxic jobs, situations and even people so you have some breathing room.

The universe can only bring you something different if have room in your life for it.

Most importantly, make space with your time. If you fill every minute of every waking hour with something to do and people to see, how are you going to answer the universe’s appointments and messengers? And messages?

When can your soul mate find you when you’re working 18 hours a day and taking classes at night?

Free up your time. Free up your life. Reduce your commitments. Slow down.

Make space in your life so the universe can fill it with the things you want.

18.     Soften. Instead of being on edge, soften your heart.

The universe knows when you are resistant to opening yourself up to the world around you.

Even if you’ve been hurt or betrayed, lower the walls you’ve built around yourself.

Allow loving-kindness meditations and vibrations to soften your heart.

If your soul is pitch-black, envision a bright and loving light from within.

If your heart region feels like a rock, imagine water gushing away at the rock. Imagine that the person who loves you the most lives there.

Allow anger and spite to melt away under the potent power of love.

The most important thing you can do to soften your heart is to love yourself. I’ve written an entire manifesto to help you do just this. To download your free copy, visit here.

19.     Embrace your bliss. Do what makes you happy. Seek happiness like a firefly charmed by light.

Seek and experience continuous moments of joy in your day-to-day life.

Surround yourself with experiences and people that enrich your soul.

Seek and be in a continuous state of bliss, joy and delight.

This alone will bring you every wish and desire you want. What you’re doing here is raising your vibrations by feeling good. And feeling good is the ultimate secret to manifesting your every wish.

I’ve written an extensive article on how to feel good – all tips you can use in your daily living.

Feeling good is a real miracle – it will really magnetize your heart’s desires, and your wishes and dreams will show up at record speed.

If you do nothing else in life after reading this post, do this: spend your time consciously doing activities that make you feel joyous. Forget about desires or what you want. Just repeatedly engage in activities that make you feel good.

Of course, as a caveat, don’t take this advice literally. Gambling, drinking, drugs and taking too many selfies of yourself could have negative consequences on your life.

Feel good, but make sure you’re not harming yourself in the process.

20.     Wait. Allow the universe to deliver what you’ve requested on its terms, not on your rigid timelines.

Be patient while the universe does its work.

No need to be pushy with the universe’s timeline.  And no need to throw your hands up in despair and give up altogether.

If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

If the universe in its wisdom doesn’t believe something is right for you, it may delay the opportunity or withhold it altogether.

Universal wisdom reminds us that patience is always a virtue.

And remember, if you’re not manifesting what you want, what could you be doing wrong? Re-read through this post and see how you can live more in terms with universal principles.

21.     Acknowledge the miracles.


Miracles are everywhere (Singapore's St. Andrewss Cathedral)

Sometimes, you do all these things and your every desire comes true. But while you’re vacationing in the Black Forest in Germany or the tulip fields in the Netherlands with your irresistible dream guy, you may have forgotten what got you there.

You forget the universe. Forget above love. Forget about giving. Forget about how we’re all connected. Forget about feeling good. And forget how you achieved all your dreams in the first place.

When something good happens in your life, acknowledge it.

Say it out loud, “What a miracle!”

“What a synchronicity!” “I’m thrilled this happened!” “My wildest dreams came true!”

“Thank you universe. We are creating the most magical possibilities together.”

Be aware that the universal laws are in play. Be happy that you understand them, respect them and are applying them in your life.

#22 Bonus Law: Show Up. Just when I thought I had a complete list of all the universal laws, I was chatting about universal principles with my friend, Janet Brent. She reminded me of one powerful universal law I had left out. Along the lines of being present, you also have to SHOW UP.

In order to maximize the universe working in your favor, you have to make an effort to be there. You have be ready for what the universe has in store for you and be willing to receive it.

You also have to show up for the things that matter in your life, the things that you value and the things that you love.

When you show up for work you’re passionate about, clients your care about and the things you value in life, you create more connections and opportunities for yourself.

Be at the places your heart calls you to. Show up for your passions, dreams, values and people who matter to you. Be willing to receive what’s in store for you.

Remember, these laws are to help you be more in sync with the universe, but that doesn’t mean you should stop living your life altogether and not take any action. That is far from reality.

The universe wants you to be in motion and to make progress in your life, but it also appreciates right action and energy. Energy that is conscious, loving, giving, sharing, patient and grateful. Energy that is uplifting, filled with high vibrations, and cares about others.

To have the universe work in your favor, work these 21 laws (+1 bonus law) into your life. As you become more attuned to the universe, be prepared to be wowed by the miracles that unfold in your life.

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