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Cancel the plane tickets; how to start your spiritual journey without moving to the Himalayas.

by Vishnu

Spirituality when everything goes wrong

It’s 6 am. There’s a mystical darkness outside your window as the coffee brews. You’re sitting at your computer and pulling up your checking account to check your balance.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock. It’s Internet Explorer – it will take a minute or 5.

The checking account pulls up – (minus) $3000. Someone hacked into your account and just bought 2 roundtrip tickets to Paris while you were asleep.


You close your browser window to see your Twitter page. One of your friends did something brave and broke up with her boy-friend.

“I hate that bastard – I can’t believe we broke up – good riddance to bad garbage. Mail me my clothes back you punk.” Now, that took a lot of courage. Such powerful words in one short tweet.

Then you realize it’s your girl-friend.


You lean back on your chair to take a deep breath. You fall back and hit your head on the floor.

When you wake up, you see your friends and family at the hospital. The doctor tells you that you’re going to be spending the next 3 months at home on bed rest. Your little cousin holds up your Iphone.

“Late again – you’re fired dude”.

By 10 am, you’ve broken your head, your relationship, your bank account and been fired from your job.

Time for your eat, pray, love adventure.

Your head and heart hurt. Your bank account is going to hurt even more when you’re sitting in bed at home without a job.

You saw that Eat, Pray Love movie with your girlfriend two weeks ago (the one who just broke up with you on Twitter). She predicted that you would be going on a long trip – just like Julia Robert’s worldwide adventure to Italy, Indonesia and India.

Is now the time to pick up and go?

If you are hurting, financially, emotionally or spiritually, you might feel that you need a change of pace. And a change of scenery. It’s time to find yourself or to find God. Or to find God so you can find yourself.

You have so many questions and not so many answers. Life seems to have hit a wall – you’re asking ‘why me’, ‘why now’ or may be even ‘who am I?’

Leave your life, and journey into world? You could but do you need a worldwide spiritual journey to get in touch with your inner self?

Time for your spiritual journey.

You’ve come to a point in your life when you feel like something is missing. What are you going to do? Are you going to escape?

As much as the grief of common life events may get to you – break-ups, deaths, job losses, financial ruin, you may not have to go very far to find answers.

The answers actually are within you – you have the answers to all the questions you seek. Now, you must find the spiritual tools to help you uncover those answers.

Your spiritual journey begins at home.

Cancel your flights and throw away the travel guides.

No need to go out to the Himalayas, Tibet, Jerusalem or India.

No need to search for spirituality. No need to get away from your life – your spiritual life starts exactly where you are.

How can you practice spirituality every day and wherever you are?

It’s a good question for someone like me who wanted to join a monastery. But I decided no. I wasn’t going to be like the Budha. Or Liz Gilbert.

I wasn’t jumping the palace gate like the Buddha to discover myself.

Not going across the world (eating pizza and being a landing pad for mosquitos) to find out who I really am.

I’m going to do it here. In the present and in the real world.

And here on this blog, I’ll show you how to live a spiritual life too, starting right now.

Are you on a spiritual journey? Were you able to reach nirvana from your recliner or did you take a pilgrimage around the world to find the truth?

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