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Time Doesn’t Heal a Broken Heart

by Vishnu


After I separated from my ex-wife, I was in a daze.

Everything I had known in my life came to a complete standstill.

In a short period of time, all our shared ambitions, dreams and life goals disappeared into thin air.

I had no clue how I would survive or come back from this devastating heartbreak and loss.

I had so many questions and no answers on healing a broken heart.

What should I do? Where should I start? How would I rebuild my life from the ground up?

And more immediately, how would I manage the pain and grief I was experiencing?

More long-term thoughts like, ‘Do I have hope for the future?’ and ‘Will I love again?’ and ‘Will someone love me again?’ madly fluttered through my mind.

Now, more than three years after this painful experience, I’m here with a message for those who are going through a painful and numbing breakup of their own.

You can come back from heartbreak.

You can heal.

You can love again.

No matter how soul-crushing or painful the end of your relationship was, there is healing and hope in your future.

I know this to be true because this happened in my own life.

I went from knocked out and beaten down to living the most rich and vibrant life.

I went from heartbreak and pain to love and abundance.

How did all of this happen?

Well, I can tell you what didn’t happen.

I didn’t simply let time pass. See, that’s the most trite and false advice for going through breakups and heartbreaks.

Time alone isn’t enough when healing a broken heart.

In fact, when I let time heal my wounds, I found myself simmering in sadness, bitterness and resentment. I continued a downward spiral to my worst and most pitiful self.

It was only when I decided that I was not going to suffer anymore and that I was going to actively come back from this hopeless situation that things began to change.

What does heal a broken heart?

As I’ve gone through my own healing and have rebuilt my life, I found the following to be true.

I know that healing takes energy, effort, choice and resilience.

Healing a broken heart requires that you go through several steps, from acceptance to forgiveness to letting go of the past.

Healing happens when you come to terms with your heartbreak, embrace the emotional turbulence you’re feeling and forgive those who hurt you.

You’ll be able to move on once you learn from the past, accept the lessons from your relationship and develop clarity about yourself and your life.

What can come out of heartbreak? (and…can you love again?)

A broken heart can become a catalyst that compels you to break out of your old life, your old beliefs, your old self so that you can become the best version of yourself.

A broken heart is an opportunity to discover your essence and live your purpose.

Once you’ve healed and come to terms with your past relationship, you can absolutely love again.

I’ve come to see that healing a broken heart can help you see your soul.

And from this soul-centered place, you can find a love based on compassion, respect and a better understanding of yourself. You’ll be able to love deeper and more intimately.

And introducing… 10 Sacred Laws of Healing a Broken Heart

I want to share my heartbreak journey with you.

The road back from heartbreak has been a spiritual one, even a sacred one.

That’s why I wrote a new ebook that not only describes the greatest love of my life, but what happened when it fell apart.

You’ve read pieces of my story in this blog post and other places around the web, but you’ve not heard my story in full.

More importantly, you haven’t learned about all the steps I’ve taken to heal my heart.

This ebook is a gift of love for those who are experiencing heartbreak and pain.

It’s a sacred invitation and a soul conversation.

I hold back the fluff and get to the point about what worked for me in healing a broken heart.

In 10 Sacred Laws of Healing a Broken Heart, I describe my journey back from heartbreak. I show you, with plenty of practical advice and guidance, how you can do the same.

Not only will you learn about the healing process, you’ll find that each sacred law offers practical advice about actions you can take to move on.

Who is this book for and how much does it cost?

My intention with this book is to help as many people as possible who are going through soul-crushing heartbreak.

This book is for you if you’re hurting because of your relationship and have had your heart broken.

Yes, those of you who haven’t spoken to your ex in days or months. Those of you who have separated or called it quits in your relationship.

Those of you who have broken up, broken off your engagement or stopped living together. Those of you who are going through or have gone through a divorce.

It’s for those of you who are sitting on the bathroom floor wondering if life will ever go on.

Those of you who are experiencing pain and sorrow daily and feel the thorns of a rejected or broken love.

Those of you who might believe that life as you know it is over and that you have no hope for any future.

I wrote this book for those of you who are suffering but who believe a better tomorrow is out there. This is a book for people who believe in new beginnings and love.

The book will be priced at $2.99 on Amazon.com when I release it. But…

since you’re a regular reader and have been with me on this blog for some time, I would like to make this book available to you for free when it first comes out.

After making it available to you for free for a five day period, the ebook will continue to be made available on my site and Amazon.

I’m excited about this release and I want to thank you ahead of time for your support!

Stay tuned.