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How to Get Out of a Toxic Relationship

by Vishnu

In a toxic relationship?

Or find yourself in a pattern of toxic relationships?

How do you break out of one and find healing?

Check out my interview above with author A.G Billig.

A.G. writes about her experiences with toxic relationships in her book, 5 Easy Steps to Ending Toxic Relationships: Unplug the Negativity Cord and Jump-Start Your Emotional Healing.(affiliate link)

Three powerful take-aways from the book are:

1. Look for the patterns in toxic relationships.

She writes that “patterns are recurring situations that are woven into our lives, often with different people.” If you don’t learn the lessons with this partner, you’re going to have to learn it from the next.

2. Unplug the negativity cord so you can break out of the toxic relationship you’re in.

Surround yourself and cultivate more positivity in your life. Seek positivity and healthy interactions in all areas of your life regardless of the relationship you’re in. Start seeing and engaging with the life outside of the relationship you’re in.

3. Take your power back.

If you are blaming yourself for your misfortune and bad relationships, it’s time to take your power back. Stop blaming the person you’re in a relationship with. “See every person who challenges you and pushes your buttons as a teacher or mirror.” Look for the lessons in situations instead of focusing on how bad the situation is.

Now is the time to make changes in your life by exiting the toxic relationships you might be in. Change starts with learning, self-awareness, observing patterns and consciously making changes.

A.G. speaks at an emotional, spiritual and conscious level to help you realize that you don’t have to live with this kind of negativity forever.

If you’re in a toxic relationship or want to avoid getting into more of them, check out 5 Easy Steps to Ending Toxic Relationships today on the Amazon store here (affiliate link).