“Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.”  Unknown 

No idea who you are anymore? 

Lost, confused and feeling like a failure? 

Contemplating joining a monastery ? 

Your marriage or relationship ending has left you stuck and unsure about anything in your life. 

You have no idea who you are any more, let alone what to do with your life.

The relationship gone. Your goals and dreams vanished.

The career no longer fells satisfying. 

You are disappointed in how  your life has turned out and feel like giving up. 

You feel like a leaf, floating in the wind, unsure where you’re going and not sure what you want. 

Where is your life going? What is the next step?

Imagine if you had direction and could move forward with your life again, feeling positive and hopeful.

Imagine a destination, a plan and a guide to help you rebuild your life. 

I coach people who have come out of divorces and breakups get clear about what they want and find their new direction in life. 

I help them move forward towards a life that’s meaningful and satisfying to them. 

As a result of the Life Direction Coaching session:

You’ll have a a vision for what your future life will look like and feel like. You will see a path that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

Feel more at peace about where you are in life and hopeful about the future. 

Reclaim your sense of adventure and independence you used to have when you were younger. Feel excited about life again. 

Have a sense of calmness, clarity and confidence.  Be open to hope and possibilities. 


“Thanks to your help, I saw a new life for myself.  You gave me hope during those dark times. I can see my next chapter and feeling so positive about what’s next”
– Tej

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support. I now do work that I really enjoy and you played a big part of this. I was also able to put the divorce in a much healthier perspective. Thanks coach!.”
– S.J. 

The Life Direction Coaching session

The Life Direction Coaching session includes:

1. A 60-minute Life Direction coaching telephone call to help you see the big picture and vision for your future life. The coaching call will give you a sense of direction about the future and what’s possible for you. You will begin to feel hopeful about the future again and have more clarity about the path forward. 

2. A 30-minute Life Direction follow up coaching call. Two weeks later, we will check in for 30 minutes and see how you’re doing on your path forward. We can talk about what has come up since our initial coaching call and what you need next to move forward. 

After the life direction coaching sessions, you’ll feel more confident and sure about what lies ahead of you.

You’ll be able to see how these recent difficult life events are part of a bigger life journey.

You will feel more positive and hopeful now that you have a direction once again. 

This life direction coaching coaching session and follow-up call costs $99 US.

Isn’t time to move forward?  

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If you’re interested in having more direction about your future but had questions first, send an email to vishnusvirtues @ gmail.com