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Struggling to Accept the End of Your Relationship Or marriage? 

Lost, confused and Feeling Hopeless?

No idea what’s happening with your life anymore?

Shocked by a breakup or divorce you didn’t see coming? 

Contemplating joining a monastery? 

You’re dealing with the devastating grief, anger and pain of your relationship ending. Your marriage or relationship ending has left you stuck and unsure about anything in your life.

You can’t understand what happened and no idea how to accept and process this breakup. The relationship just ended overnight. The life you imagine, vanished. Your goals and dreams gone.

You are disappointed by how your life has turned out and feel uninspired and defeated about the future. Nothing makes sense anymore and everything feels meaningless. 

You feel like a leaf, floating in the wind, unsure where you’re going and not sure what you want. How do you cope? How do you heal? How do you grieve? Where do you go next? What do you do next?

Imagine if you could heal from this breakup, accept that it happened and move forward with your life again; feeling positive and hopeful.

Imagine positive changes, growth and a path forward that you can’t see now. 

I coach people who have come out of unexpected breakups and devastating divorces who are feeling lost and confused. I help them process their breakup, change their perspective and get clarity in their lives.  They are able to move forward with hope and confidence to create a better life for themselves.  

As a result of the Breakup Awakening Coaching sessions:

❤️ You’ll be able to understand, process and accept your previous relationship ending. 

❤️ Feel more at peace about where you are in life and hopeful about the future. Get a practical and spiritual perspective of your relationship or marriage ending. 

❤️You’ll have a vision for what your future life will look like and feel like. You will see a path that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

❤️ Have a sense of calmness, clarity, and confidence.  Be open to hope and possibilities. 

Thanks to your help, I saw a new life for myself. You gave me hope during those dark times. I can see my next chapter and feeling so positive about what’s next.


“I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support. I now do work that I really enjoy and you played a big part in this. I was also able to put the divorce in a much healthier perspective. You believed in me even when I didn’t.”

Sandra J.

The Awakening Breakup Coaching session includes:

1. Four 60-minute coaching telephone calls to help you process your breakup, shift your perspective and find closure with your past relationship. The weekly coaching calls will help you understand and accept what happen so you can make peace with the relationship ending. It will help you see the life you could have. You will begin to feel hopeful about the future again and have more clarity about the path forward. 

2. Each session committed to your new life. Each session is structured to help you let go of the past relationship and awaken to your new life. This coaching package includes 4 sessions. The first session will help you understand and get a better perspective on the healing work in front of you. The second session will be focused on healing and closure. The third session will give you a proper perspective about your breakup or divorce. The fourth session will give you direction and guidance about the next step in your life. To get the best results, 3 month of the Awakening Breakup coaching will help you heal, get clarity and move on with your life. 

3. Email and text support between calls. Between our four monthly calls, you’ll be able to email and text me on your path to healing and letting go. Check in with me between calls and stay motivated during the breakup coaching process.  Get questions answered and stay accountable to your healing between each coaching session. 

After the life Awakening Breakup coaching sessions, you’ll feel more confident and sure about what lies ahead of you. 

You’ll be able to see how these recent difficult life events Can Help you Awaken To Your New Life.

You will feel more positive and hopeful now that you understand your breakup and know what to do next.

Investment: $397 US/month

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