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15 Self-Love Quotes from the Most Important Instagram Acccount on the Internet Today

by Vishnu

I don’t have much time for Instagram or much other social media these days.

I may drop in occasionally but one of the primary reasons that I check in on Instagram is for one of the most important Instagram accounts out there.

I love this Instagram account by Mark Groves.

It’s not just because he’s regularly dropping truth bombs on his Instagram account but I’m calling this the most important account out there because of WHAT he’s talking about.

Mark’s teachings and message help us get more in touch with ourselves emotionally to heal the wounds within and love ourselves and others more.

There is no more important work than that today.

Follow this account and hey, while you’re there, follow his blog. It will change every aspect of your life, but most importantly the relationship you have with yourself.

15 Mark Groves quotes for self-love from the most important Instagram account on the Internet

1. “When we don’t ask for what we want, we don’t get it.” Mark Groves

2. “You are worthy of the kind of love you showed yourself by walking away.” Mark Groves

3. “When choosing a partner, choose based on something so much more than just attraction. Look for kindness. Look for respect. Look for willingness to be wrong. And then be those things yourself so they can find you too.” Mark Groves

4. “Don’t hold things that require a tight grip. Including thoughts, expectations and even people.” Mark Groves

5. “When you say no to people who don’t show up for you, you not only honor your value, you raise it.” Mark Groves

6. “I think the problem is we depend on lovers to love us the way we should love ourselves.”

7. “If it doesn’t open your door, it’s not your door.”

8. “Nothing meant to be in your life will ever require you to abandon yourself to keep it.”

9. “The choices you make are far more powerful than what you say you desire. Choice determines path, and path determines who you’ll meet. You must become what you seek.” Mark Groves

10. “Time only heals if we do something with that time.” Mark Groves

11. “Sometimes our growth takes us beyond certain people. Often the key to honoring that growth is to let them go.” Mark Groves

12. “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.” Mark Groves

13. “I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.”

14. “It’s in the space between the love we’ve lost and the love we hop to find, where we meet ourselves.” Mark Groves

15. “Sometimes it takes losing what we were settling for to remind us what we deserve.”

If you found these Mark Groves quotes inspiring, check out his Instagram account here, his Podcast here and his Youtube channel here