What Can Spirituality Do For You?

If the Buddha, Deepak Chopra or your favorite televangelist have not yet made the case to you on why you get more spiritual in your life, you’ve been missing out.  I talk a lot about what spirituality can do for you on my blog and today, on my guest post at Pick the Brain.

Spiritually tends to get swept up with far out characters, hokus-pokus practices, and bizarre beliefs. The spiritual people you know you in your life also may not be the best examples for wanting to live a spiritual life. Your hippie Uncle, fortune-telling ex-girlfriend and organic-fasting colleague (who fasts while breathing organic air) make you want to have nothing to do with spiritual people or a practice.

A good spiritual practice is one where you are able to discover your true nature and self. It’s the process of digging through your physical and emotional makeup and reaching the essence of who you are as a person.

To read more about 5 benefits of spirituality, visit my post at Pick the Brain.

What do you think – what else can spirituality do for you?

For my book about spirituality and resiliency in life, Is God Listening, click here. 

* Photo credit, Jennifer in Meditation, to www.adhiwus.com


  1. I really enjoyed your 5 benefits of spirituality at “Pick the Brain”. I especially agree that when we are spiritually centered, we are so much more aware of the world around us, picking up on nuances we might have missed otherwise.
    Being “one in the Spirit, one in the Lord” is, for me, the only way to truly live.
    Blessings and thanks for another marvelous post, Vishnu!

    1. I really enjoy your comments here Martha and your blog – I think we are on the same page:) Being aware of the world around us and so many other benefits we both know about and have experienced in our lives- how do we get everyone else on board? Blessings to you!

  2. Normally my general policy when you write about spirituality is to leave some comment that creates an uproar.

    I tend to like to throw out the comment as an argument – but if you actually read the comment I’ll be completely agreeing with everything you say, but I will act like you didn’t say any of that. But just this one time I decided to not do that :).

    Great post V! I really enjoyed it.

    1. Haha thanks for not starting up an uproar and going straight to agreeing with me Izzy! I always appreciate your uproars though – you help make spirituality more dramatic!

  3. Spiritual practice enhances the joy of living and, perhaps more important, helps us get through the inevitable tough times. Lately, I’ve been in a difficult situation. When my anxiety starts to ramp up, I remember to go sit! Prayer and meditation, martial arts, reading wisdom literature–they all help.

    1. Yes, they do Galen! Deepening our spiritual practices during difficult times helps us strengthen our practice and survive the challenging times. We can rely on a variety of spiritual practices to strengthen the mind and soul:)

    1. Glad to have you drop by Farouk. I enjoy reading your blog and hope to share the spirituality journey with you. The idea is to learn together:) You have many insights that we can all learn from.

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