Anything that delays action is resistance.

Is the train delayed? Or are you resisting getting on?

You’d like to start a TV show – 29 minute meals – in competition with Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals! Or pitch American Fiddle to Hollywood – a spin-off of American Idol for fiddlers.

Or start that new insect stamp-collecting hobby where you collect stamps with insects from around the world and then go into the Amazon to dig up those very insects to match the stamp.

Or start that new ‘career’ in your ‘family’s ‘trash-collection’ business in Jersey.

You get the idea – you have big dreams. Ambitions. Goals to achieve in life.

What are you delaying today?

There are new ventures and projects that you want to start in your life. In fact, you may have already started them but are having trouble pressing forward after kicking it off the ground.

When I delayed doing something in my life, like kicking off this blog for example, I found many obstacles and challenges that delayed my blogging.

♦ I had a full time job so of course I didn’t have time to blog.

♦ Web and graphic designers cost money so I had better save up some capital before launching my blog.

♦ Who’s going to read my blog anyways except my writing coach, blog coach and therapist? (Kidding folks, at least about 2 of those 3 people). Maybe I should kick of my blog after I made some blogging buddies.

♦ I couldn’t actually start blogging until I had a theme, logo, tagline and full time office staff to answer my media calls.

♦ Why should I associate myself with a group of people who probably spend lots of hours locked up in dark rooms with their laptops commenting on other blogs and checking their Google analytics? Maybe there was more fame and money in getting into the tabloid business and working for Rupert Murdoch?

♦ Who cares what I have to say when everything that I want to say had already been said by Tim Brownson at with more wit, humor and intelligence and Sandra Pawula at with more clarity and wisdom.♦

♦ I should only blog after I publish a book then I can blog about how to write a book!

♦ What if I started succeeding and had an international following of readers, and couldn’t get through airport security checks due to the throngs of fans and paparazzi? Should I find out how much it would cost to hire personal bodyguards?

As deranged as it sounds, these were some real reasons I didn’t start blogging.

How about yourself – what are you delaying? What are you putting off? What are you making excuses for?

What did your dog eat today?

What did your mother-in-law serve you for dinner last night that made you feel like you were poisoned and you couldn’t wake up at 3:30 a.m today to start training for that triathlon?

Resistance speaks in the language of delay.

As you can see, most of the excuses I had for delaying the kick-off for my blog was not really a legitimate reason.

For example, if I was mobbed by the paparazzi as a celebrity blogger, I could always have certain friends of mine fill in as security guards. (A couple of them have had to leave jobs with the Secret Service but that’s a whole other story. They’re heart’s in the right place, man!!)

If only 3 people were going to read my blog, I can almost bet my blogging coach and writing coach would each know one other person who they could cajole to read my blog (maybe their wife or Ruffo, their dog!)

I soon realized (not really – it was a huge delay before I realized this) that the excuses I was making for myself were not so much different delay tactics but a form of resistance to embracing my blogging journey!

I was scared, nervous, doubtful and embarrassed even. Of what? Having my words seen publicly? Having my thoughts displayed to strangers? Bearing my soul to outright criminals who are hoping I accidentally post my credit card numbers on this blog!!!

Be aware of delays to kick down the door of resistance.

What the hell am I talking about?

You know. Stop hiding under the bed covers.

Stop the delays!

Stop resisting yourself!

Stop the madness!

Stop reading this blog. (I beg you – please read this blog)

Stop saying you can’t or you won’t.

Stop saying you will or you shall.

Stop saying you don’t have time or you’ll do it later.

Face the resistance. Acknowledge the resistance. Confront the real reasons you’re not doing what you need to be doing.

Then kick down that door of resistance.

(Disclaimer: I mean don’t kick down any doors or break any part of your apartment…this is just a figure of speech folks.) Thanks Janet for inspiring this post!

* Photo by Carlos A. Zambrano



  1. I don’t have time now, but I will respond to this later.

    Thanks a lot for the mention, you’re too kind.

    PS That was revenge for you response to my post on procrastination 😉

    1. Thanks Tiim for dropping by! You’re a busy guy – I need to read your procrastination post again too. LOL

  2. I’m honored that you perceive me as having clarity and wisdom. Its’ the purity of your vision! I too have trouble with the big R! I’ve just caught myself resisting moving my blog. “Oh, I can do it in September.” This post is so timely. Thanks for the gentle, humorous kick! I’m so glad you got started.

    1. Thanks Sandra for visiting and your comments. You’re an inspiration for me to start blogging. Well, after the, ‘why should I start a blog when Always Well within always says it so well:)’ Your blog is moving in a great direction and I’m enjoying the journey it’s taking!

  3. Hey Vish,

    That post is a very good one and I hope your readers take the message to heart. When I work with my clients one of the difficult things we work on is what not to do exactly for the reasons you mentioned in your post. Most people have the unnecessary delays you mentioned and they wonder why they are not getting the things they want, or better yet, think they deserve from life.

  4. Thanks for your comments Genero! Just like I resisted starting my blog, I’m sure your clients make up many excuses for delaying the things that they are resisting in their lives. It’s rarely simple delays or procrastination but usually something deeper that’s creating resistance in their lives. I think awareness of the resistance is the primary way of breaking through resistance.

    Always glad to have you dropping by and adding your thoughts on the subject.

  5. I gave you a sligthly bigger mention:) Thanks for inspiring this post and writing a new post for Purple Panda!!

  6. Oh god I needed to read this today. I am resisting so much to do with my blog and taking it to the next level and I have every excuse in the book! Thanks for this kick up the backside! 🙂

  7. No problem Carolin! Thanks for reading and your comments. Considering that you were one of the inspirations for me to take a journey (to Costa Rica) and start a blog (this one) that’s the least I could do:) You may have every excuse in the book to not focusing on the blog but what’s the underlying resistance:) ? Is there something that’s making you come up with excuses?I think identifying the resistance can help us kick down the door of resistance. Similar to identifying a burglar can help the police lead to his arrest but I digress..hmm….

  8. Guilty as charged! I did tell you to start your blog earlier Vishnu, but I reckon you were maybe right to build up a few ‘blogging buddies’ first off, as you are getting lots of nice comments 🙂 I kind of did the same thing to begin with. Then I got lazy.. and put things off.. like you say not to do in this post!

    1. lol, thanks for your comments, visit and advice Milo!

      in between cocktail hours, trips to Paris and all the other activities you have going on, it’s never too late to get more active on the blogging scene. if you pay that cat the right wages, he can probably give a hand with meeting other bloggers out there. and hell, even writing a post or two for you.

  9. Great post Vishnu. ‘Resistance speaks in the language of delay’ – love this.

    Sometimes it’s about just getting started. Instead of spending an hour doing something, just do 5 minutes. Instead of writing an entire blog post, just plan it out. Just getting started creates momentum.

    Glad you started this blog finally! Jazzed about reading more ….

    – Razwana

    1. Razwana – thanks for visiting and your comments! The check’s in the mail for your kind comments:)

      It’s all about starting, isn’t it? That first step is the hardest one and we make up so many excuses. I have another post lined up – the language of delay and the words we use to delay:) Look out for it.

      I’m glad I kicked off the blog too after this slight 18 month delay.

  10. Very inspiring, Vishnu! I found your blog through today’s funny guest post on Tim’s blog, and I’m glad I did. I’m a new blogger, too, and saw myself very clearly (too clearly!) in your words here.

    “Resistance speaks in the language of delay” is such a great quote — as a matter of fact, I think it’s going to be my next Facebook status!

    Nice to make your acquaintance 🙂

  11. HI Lynn – thanks for dropping by. I hope you found it inspiring:) I’m glad you read Tim’s blog too – he’s one of the funniest bloggers I know:) So, you can relate to the blogging resistance? Only way to get through it is to start blogging! I should be the last person saying that after a 1 year delay but I’m on it now. lol

    I was literally having a conversation with someone about why we were delaying things when that quote came up:) So one tip is to record everything you say to others because we’re regularly saying great stuff that’s blogworthy! Be sure to check with your legal team and local authorities before recording. lol

    Nice meeting you too and looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog Lynn.

  12. Thanks for coming by Julie. I’m glad you like the blog and humor:) I have a feeling not everyone is going to. lol

    Appreciate the good wishes and looking forward to checking our your blog too!

  13. Vishnu

    One of the things that has amazed me is my ability to come up with an excuse for virtually any situation. Of course, for a while I wasn’t aware I was making excuses. I thought they were “valid and legitimate reasons”… But they weren’t.

    I used to spend a lot of time trying to come up with the “perfect idea”. That was my ultimate excuse.

    “I’ll do it as soon as I come up with the perfect idea!”

    Perfect ideas don’t exist, so basically this was just a cop out. Now, I believe in just starting. I do think a plan imporant and necessary… But a lot less so, then I used to.

    Great post man!

    1. thanks for dropping by Izzy. We make SO MANY excuses, no? I’m going to list all my favorite ones in this next post here. Yeah, perfect ideas don’t exist and complete ideas don’t exist (sometimes we can’t see the whole picture in the beginning) but we just got to get started.

      I think moving to Japan and learning marshal arts shows you’re no longer making excuses:) in your quest to be a ninja!

  14. Hi Vishnu,

    There are indeed tonnes of reasons that hold us back and keep us procrastinating instead of taking action. Given the list you shared, I was beginning to think you are a Libra haha!

    I especially loved your fear of having an international following of readers haha! That would truly be the end of your privacy. But as you rightly point out, you can always hire security guards to keep your overzealous fans at bay. 😛

    Sometimes the best way to deal with delays is just to sit down and get started. Start small and finish something. This helps to avoid you from getting overwhelmed by a big task. The writing of 10,000 words begins with a single letter.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

    Irving the Vizier

    1. Vizier – this is nothing yet. I am going to have a list in my next post as far as all the different language we use to make excuses. I’ve used most of them myself:)

      It’s all about the starting – it’s like falling domino’s or snowballs. how do you get all of them to fall down or build a large size snowball? well, knock the first domino down or start the tiniest of snow balls and it grows from there.

      The writing of 10,000 begins with a single letter. The writing of a blog starts with the first blog post:)

  15. Hi Vishnu,

    You definitely make me chuckle. I see your point, resistance has resided with me as well, but I love your sense of humor. Thanks for the reminder. I can also let fear stop me from taking that next step. Take care.

  16. Appreciate the feedback and your support Cathy. Hopefully I can make people chuckle and impart some wisdom:) at the same time.

  17. I feel like you wrote this one for me, Vishnu! I’ll take your words seriously, though, and rethink my illegitimate excuses and work to make the legitimate ones move out of the way! Thanks for sharing =)

    1. It was for all of us Julieta:) We can all use some encouragement, inspiration and motivation to get going on things that we try to resist sometimes.

      I’m hoping all the excuses get moved out of the way and your blog becomes a reality soon. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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